i look at them
with casual eyes,
till the mind
does tricks
and questions life,

scurrying about
in a focused
these little creatures
that look alike,

did they ever evolve
just being ants,
for their antics to me
still seem the same,

i have seen them
in different –
and designs,

but one colony
of a crowned queen,
apparently only
the same,

my eyes linger
to see their gait,
not a care
in the world
is their practised haste,

yet i see
them pause
to greet each other,
more often than i
have done with mine,

a treasure
some carry,
without the fear
of being

one home
they all share,
and at night
is left out,

i wait and watch
for a fight
to happen,
for i am accustomed
to that sort of a world,

but my patience
soon wears out,
when none
even seem
remotely interested,

bored out of my wits
i sigh and say –
hey Ants!
didn’t you ever
get to evolve,

look at us
we have reached
the moon
while you are still content
carrying that single grain.

© vidursahdev 2018

Vidur Sahdev

Vidur Sahdev

Hi, I write on my blog what comes to mind, and the mind is often as restless as the unpredictable waves.


JanBeek · March 8, 2018 at 10:59 pm

How much more content we’d be
If we were as evolved
As the ant and the honeybee!

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