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A Dream For Who – part 8

A Reading from the Book of Reve…
(being the 8th of 9 segments)

— Glossary —

Jepherus – William Jefferson Clinton (the ’90s)
Columba – North America
Ahrimangu – the World Wide Web, aka the Information Superhighway
Sons of Widows – seekers distinguished by moral autonomy
joomba – djembe drum circle music
nuajah – new-agey self-help literature
digimentos – computer software
Noobis – Africa
Dagamas – Portuguese
Kaanan – Canada
Kebikwa – Quebec
Kwa-ka-lapiz – Appalachians & Laurentians Mts.
Gothis – NY/NJ metropolitan area
Porto – Newark
Azotl-Qwotl – Mexico City
Harrok-man – a forest north of Gothis
Jeru – a beautiful stream in the wilderness

— Personalities —

Icker – author
Icker’s Deep Self
Ellis – Ellis Feldman

— Imaginary Beings —

Angels of Icker, Ellis, Zoya
Archangel of Kanaan
Az – dark archangel of Ahrimangu (herald inspirer of the World Wide Web)
an Archai (a zeitgeist spirit)



1 Thus matters festered until springtime, when one day Zoya sent word of urgency, in her need to meet with Icker. And they arranged to meet halfway betwixt their disparate towns.

2 So in a place south for Zoya, and north for disintegrating Icker, near to a place of remote beauty called Jeru, they came together at an inn. And after fond affectionate greetings, they fell into erstwhile discussion.

3 Whence Icker became rapt with the words from her lips. And the tone of her speaking was serious.

4 And Zoya spoke I have had a dream pregnant to me of meaning, but of this meaning I cannot discern.

5 And she further revealed it concerned him. And this dream was lucid, not fully a dream. For its sharpness rivaled that of waking awareness, and its impression was vivid the day after.

6 Now Icker saw fresh why so deeply he loved her, for she was one who knew, and had true knowledge of the spirit, and could speak light slowly and serenely.

7 And seeing this directly, she took clasp of his hands gently in hers, and told plainly of her vision.

8 A kind man came, who had economy of speech, and perfect politeness of manner, filled with respect and true purpose.

9 And she could see in his eyes that his concern was goodness, and he paused, that they could regard each other’s spirit.

10 Whereupon he said “I am a Man of the Fields”.

11 And he then carefully transferred to her a small package, but a thing of great value. In so doing he transmitted the thought that his time of stewardship for this thing of value was closing.

12 And she understood that her stewardship was to commence in that moment.

13 And seeing the character of her acceptance, he withdrew in kindness, but also with purpose. “I have taken care of this vessel a brief while; but now this task falls onto you. Farewell.”

14 Now Icker was filled with amazement, and so inquired further as to the manners of this man.

15 And Zoya described the sense of duty which he bore, and further the self-effacing nature of his actions and speaking, how his presence was gracious and respectful, but not formal.

16 And in these images, Icker recognized his friend Ellis.

17 And Zoya confirmed that the precious item concerned within her vision was Icker himself. She understood this while in the presence of the Man of the Fields.

18 “And I relate to you these things intimate to my soul, beloved Icker, for you have captured a place very central to my heart.”

19 And it was her hope that Icker could tell the meanings of these signs; and he said he would ponder hard on them.

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