Women, you are so beautiful, not just superficially but in real. You are the chosen one, entrusted with the most difficult task under the sun. The Architect has made you the creator, because He knows there is no one, who can play the role better.

The mother, the sister, the daughter and the wife, you enact all the roles with equal strive, nurturing all relations with love and care, never considering how in return you are cared.

History is the witness, how you have been put into arduous situations, and have been misjudged, but you have never fudged. You have always passed the grueling tests and have proved that you are the best.

There are many hidden qualities that you possess, which no one can even assess. You silently fulfil everyone’s needs, but never succumb to any greed; the greed of receiving something in return. And all that you ask for is affection and love.

Women, you are truly the God’s finest creation, nurturing everyone with your real emotions and selfless adoration.
Women, you are the best.

Mamta Sehgal.

Mamta Sehgal

An educator,a believer and now an author.An ardent devotee of the all eternal Shri Krishna & Bhagavad Gita and propagates that the light is within & can illuminate everything.

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