A Storm Broke Out In Heaven

The angel of hope whispered
“Be patient.”

The angel of fear stuttered
“Please don’t let her die before.”

The angel of joy laughed and spoke
“Seek for things that distract you.”

The angel of mourning softly cried
“Each one of my tears is for you.”

The angel of wisdom explained
“It still hurts? Then it’s not the end.”

The angel of loneliness breathed
“The waiting will have an end.”

The angel of friendship spoke
“I miss my brother.”

The angel of  rationality said
“Let him go.”

The angel of the fight screamed
“We never give up!”

The angel of love sank down, smiled contentedly, winked and sang softly
his song of the love between a man and his girl.


The world through my eyes – wherever I am / Travel: sosfernweh.wordpress.com Pics/poems: voiceofmothernature.wordpress.com Insta: @sosfernweh Fb: @voiceofmothernatureatwebde

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