Snarky Shark!

Okay so I’m going to dive into this one pretty quick. Men are always complaining about how profile pictures of women are oh so misleading because of makeup and picture editing apps, etc.

That’s one of my grievances with men. Why do you guys have all that facial hair which makes you look so darn different from the other pictures you have on your profile? And, what is up with you guys posting pictures from like 10 years ago when age hadn’t caught up with you?

Let me not comment on the way you pose – in the car, outside the car, next to the pool, in the loo, just after a shower, on the bed (those fake bedroom eyes fool no one

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Von Smith · March 9, 2018 at 11:37 am

My life would be so different, if no other men were six feet tall, as requested by so many women. Nothing gets in the way of intimacy like being judged. I have not been in the world of finding another so long, I can actually read your article, nod, shake my head, and laugh.

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