Notice Your Breath

“Notice your breath”

I notice my breath
I feel my breath
Across my arms
I feel my breath
I feel
The whirls and swirls of my breath, my chest rising and falling,
The hair on my arm breathing
Body, mind & soul
Connecting, calling in to one another.
I whisper
What do I whisper?
What do I whisper in to your ear?
With relentlessly free confidence
Giving to you, my new love
We are emerging in a spiral
Of breath upon one another’s
Dancing the orchestra of rain
Stepping with the movements
Effortlessly blowing in the breeze
Loving with you
Is so easy
I notice your breath
I feel your breath
I feel

Sarah E

I write on the subject of love from time to time, and work with geometric art, with StudioSara7

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