How Do I Tell

My pen runs dry and I run out of words. How do I tell our story? Should I burst out into a song and hum a melody? Or dance to the silent rhythm of my heart?

Browsing through the pages of our shared memories, my heart beats faster as our story unfolds and memories unravel that weigh heavy on my mind.

Oh tell me how do I say I get lost in your eyes? Or melt into the warmth of your embrace? Or how you put me at ease when the world is raging around me?

Will the twinkle in my eyes, the lightness of my feet when I walk into a room, or the smile I wear when I’m with you, express the unspoken words engraved on the walls of my heart?

May everything I do and everything I am, spell the love you have in me when words do not suffice.

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Von Smith · March 9, 2018 at 11:32 am

Love is made together.

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