Circle, Smaller

I thought I could not breathe,
But in truth I am just warmer.
All that space made me freeze,
And the dust made me sneeze.
I am good with just me.

Find my pain in past words,
When I was one part of a herd.
Us moving in one direction,
No chance to break from this faction.
I am good with just me.

The circumference is much smaller,
But I think I can stand up taller.
No longer crouched under the pressure of those near,
I can look up with none of that inner fear.
I am good with just me.

Don’t settle for less because you think it won’t come,
You just have to let go of some.
Although it hurts as you break ties,
Each tear that falls with your cries, screams,
I am good with just me.

So it’s just me,
All that pain let it flee.
Look at yourself,
Place that pain in a book on the shelf, say,
I am good with just me.

Imana Parris

Just trying to improve the world of publishing one post and one action at a time :)

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