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*Firstly, forgive me for my bad english*

So this is her Blog. Her travel and photographer Blog.

She’s sitting in her room writing about trips she is not going to do.

In those moments when Fernweh seizes her, tears her apart, hurts her.

Yes, that’s exactly what this blog should be.
Will she see the world?

Will she break out of her room and her little world?

Will she be able to do it?

She doesn’t know you. Me neither…

It all started a few years ago.
She was feeling sick, sad, had lost a beloved person and tried to fight.

She did not give up, sought out the sadness and discovered photography.

Of course, she had to get out in the nature if she wanted to make pictures and had to force herself to leave the room.

And what she saw, it often took her breath away…

Nothing was like it seemed to be. There was no gray and no sadness – it was suddenly so much more than that. There were colors that she had never seen before. Dirt that was not dirty anymore, nature where actually no nature should be.

Life and death, light and darkness, hate and pain and a lot of love. Love in her heart and that love made her able to see. She saw things that other people could not see and she felt things that other people could not feel. And she still does.

The life went on, she struggled back to life and found some more reasons to live. And still photography is what reminds her of life, what shows her the beauty and the ugly, which let her smile. And what reminds her how small she is. And how big, too.

Yes, she’s big. She has the opportunity to do great, to inspire people, to let people see what she sees. She has the ability and the opportunity to open the eyes of the people who are asleep. And she can give them hope, love and trust in life – if they let her.

Do you let her?

Go and join R on her way through the world. Be her companion and let her be your eyes.
Even if she doesn’t see the world, she can show you her country in the Blog. The little bit around her…

Come on. I dare this now. You too. We together.

But step by step.

Who I am?

I am a woman in middle of my 30s and have tattooed 2 birds on my back but didn’t fly though. What a farce, right?

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The world through my eyes – wherever I am / Travel: Pics/poems: Insta: @sosfernweh Fb: @voiceofmothernatureatwebde

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