A Dream For Who – Part 5

A Reading from the Book of Reve…
(being the 5th of 9 segments)

— Glossary —

Jepherus – William Jefferson Clinton (the ’90s)
Columba – North America
Ahrimangu – the World Wide Web, aka the Information Superhighway
Sons of Widows – seekers distinguished by moral autonomy
joomba – djembe drum circle music
nuajah – new-agey self-help literature
digimentos – computer software
Noobis – Africa
Dagamas – Portuguese
Kaanan – Canada
Kebikwa – Quebec
Kwa-ka-lapiz – Appalachians & Laurentians Mts.
Gothis – NY/NJ metropolitan area
Porto – Newark
Azotl-Qwotl – Mexico City
Harrok-man – a forest north of Gothis
Jeru – a beautiful stream in the wilderness

— Personalities —

Icker – author
Icker’s Deep Self
Ellis – Ellis Feldman

— Imaginary Beings —

Angels of Icker, Ellis, Zoya
Archangel of Kanaan
Az – dark archangel of Ahrimangu (herald inspirer of the World Wide Web)
an Archai (a zeitgeist spirit)



1.  The following day, having concluded his affairs in the southern parts of Kanaan, Icker sought to rest in a district called Kebikwa, where the dialect was beautiful and the victuals pleasant and various.

2. Having finished his nourishment he retired to a chamber whereupon he amused himself with Ahrmangu. And lo it pleased his heart that one called Zoya appeared in the chat room, which at that moment was devoted to discussing the aphorisms of Rumi.

3. Icker knew of the woman Zoya from previous encounters in Ahrimangu‘s domain, having been favorably impressed with her perceiving, and earnest pondering, and kindness of heart. And their converse grew in range and depth and intimacy, each recognizing within the other one of markedly kindred sentiment.

4. In this way they teased and amused and beguiled themselves passing several hours until Icker grew tired, the day’s energy allowance well spent.

5. Yawning virtually, they began extending fond nighttime wishes, when one inquired as to the other’s actual whereabouts.

6. In this manner it was revealed that Zoya resided verily in fair Kebikwa, in a secluded lovely hamlet nestled in the sloping pine forests of Kwa-ka-lapiz, and likewise Icker was presently housed at an inn near the same place.

7. And this serendipitous happenstance disturbed their dreaming, dreams of the gentlest texture, very sweetly that night.

8. And both Az and the angelic messengers of Icker, Zoya, and Ellis observed all this with keen attention.

9. For verily, verily, the religion of the gods is nothing other than mankind itself.

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