There is no place like home

Build your own home.

Build it from the ground up.

Build it strong so no temporary storm can shake it.

Fill the cement with peace.

Cut the wood with understanding.

Build the foundation with love.

Show compassion to every nail.

Fill your house with passions, friendships, and joy.

Do not rush.

Enjoy building this beautiful home one day at a time.

Be grateful.

You must be the construction manager and worker of this project.

Only looking to other developers for guidance.

Take responsibility.

Study other designs and find what you enjoy.

Find the unique design that brings you joy.

Share your unique design to others.

Building this home will be difficult.

No shortcuts.

Your back will ache. Your feet sore.

But it will get easier with experience.

Keep going.

Share this home with others.

Share your beautiful home with all living beings.

Show compassion to old homes.

Show compassion to homes with poor foundation.

Help those in need build their home with loving-kindness.

Fix what leaks. Fix what is broken.

Don’t let your house rot from years of neglect.

Show compassion, love, and understanding to this beautiful home.

Enjoy this home until it’s last moment.


With Aloha,

Johnny Hoffman

Johnny Hoffman

My intention is to inspire a simple, healthy, and authentic way of life. I'm 28 years old and live on Maui. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and word press @ Zen Actions.

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