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Once upon a time in a land far far away…

How often have you heard this phrase and been instantly transported to a magical land of fairies and dragons, of monsters and knights, of cursed realms and eternal love? How often have you imagined yourself as a part of these stories?

At the end of the day, isn’t it what all storytellers wish for. For the readers recognize themselves as one of the characters, connect and feel for them. Writers have found a way to be immortal, they live on forever in their works. No matter how many years pass Shakespeare, Charlotte Brontë, the Grimm brothers, J.K Rowling and innumerable writers from every part of the world will forever be etched in the minds of readers. People will pass on the stories to their children as a part of their legacy.

So here’s to childhood memories, imagination, creativity, and the everlasting love of stories.
Inoubliable ( French) – Unforgettable

Profile photo of Yasha shetty

Yasha shetty

Sometimes all it takes is a pen, a paper, and a wandering mind.

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