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Dancing girls

The shimmered down on my t-shirt. Lighting up, like a disco ball, it glimmered and flowed sequins bouncing off the light as their sparks fell on the shadows nearby. I watched them dance and twirl, spinning like wheels. A girl wandered near. She watched the sequins waltz, her own eyes dancing to the same steps. Waving her hands in the air, she moved her hips and the next thing I knew, she was grabbing me by the shoulders, dancing her hips grooving to the music in her mind. Who was this girl? But I didn’t care. Hands still on my shoulders, I shimmied with her and soon we were two girls dancing to the imaginary music in our head.

She smiled. Smashing her mouth into a her cone, she gave me a chocolate dipped smile. We were at the carnival. After dancing for nearly an hour outside her house, we found ourselves walking down the street, hair billowing in the wind. We turned onto the sidewalk.
Just beyond the bay, stood a large ferris wheel, its miniature boxes swinging in the summer sun. I pointed and smiled. “Let’s go,” and we raced toward the circle in the spotlight.

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