A Tale of Love

Beneath the starry sky
You sang a song and held my hand.
Between your arms I found peacefulness
And fell asleep to the symphony created by the beat of your heart.

Your smile is like the bright and cheerful sun.
That lightens up my mood and spirit.
Though sometimes the rain falls hard and there is nothing but cloudy skies
You never cease to give life another try.

Each time I fall,you lift me up
And in my ear,you gently whisper these words:
“You know what makes you and Wonderwoman alike?”
Simply, the kindness of your heart and the fire in your soul.”

Mae M.

Mae is a bibliophile, loves pizza (with pineapples), a dog lover (but can't have one because of allergic reactions), and is also a troublemaker.


savvystreaks · March 6, 2018 at 2:47 pm

Nice poem!

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