A Dream For Who – Part 4

A Reading from the Book of Reve
(being the 4th of 9 segments)

— Glossary —

Jepherus – William Jefferson Clinton (the ’90s)
Columba – North America
Ahrimangu – the World Wide Web, aka the Information Superhighway
Sons of Widows – seekers distinguished by moral autonomy
joomba – djembe drum circle music
nuajah – new-agey self-help literature
digimentos – computer software
Noobis – Africa
Dagamas – Portuguese
Kaanan – Canada
Kebikwa – Quebec
Kwa-ka-lapiz – Appalachians & Laurentians Mts.
Gothis – NY/NJ metropolitan area
Porto – Newark
Azotl-Qwotl – Mexico City
Harrok-man – a forest north of Gothis
Jeru – a beautiful stream in the wilderness

— Personalities —

Icker – author
Icker’s Deep Self
Ellis – Ellis Feldman

— Imaginary Beings —

Angels of Icker, Ellis, Zoya
Archangel of Kanaan
Az – dark archangel of Ahrimangu (herald inspirer of the World Wide Web)
an Archai (a zeitgeist spirit)



  1. Less than a fortnight after this, Icker was called upon to travel to Kanaan, a journey by motorized conveyance upwards of seven hours. The entire time, Icker was consumed in vexing reflections.
  2.  For his pairing with Marnaya troubled him greatly, and now his friendship with Ellis was beleaguered. And he longed for some soothing outlet.
  3.  Now at this hour of earthly unfolding, unbeknownst to men but evident enough to the hearts of some wise women, dark Az had been given to his secret machinations.
  4. And then setting his numerous clairvoyant eyes upon the affairs of men, he gestured arcanely with one hoof. And upon earth in the physical maya of men, a new obsession took root.
  5. And this obsession was inspired within the thoughts of those self same souls engaged with alacrity upon the very arts digimentos which Icker professed.
  6. And lo across Columba at first, Ahrimangu extended his tendrils so an innovation of great attractive force spread everywhere.
  7. This innovation being called Internet chat forums. And soon it spread beyond Columba even unto every known and unknown place within the whole world.
  8. And men could thereby have converse and congress with utter strangers, no knowledge being required of their interlocutor’s means or manners or habits or employ or biographies or even outward appearances.
  9. And this was good in the beginning.
  10. But a miniscule leaven was secreted by Az within this loaf, for this is the methodology of evil. That the tempting devices be masqueraded with much good and the lie be but partial, decorously adorned by marvelous truths.
  11. For within not many years, it became uncommon and impossible to converse within chat rooms except lewdly. And the earnest sharing of thoughts was replaced by the basest ribald language.
  12. And humans fornicated via digimentos with no investment whatsoever, knowing only their own sensations and compusions for amusement.
  13. Thus Az and Ahrimangu seeded havoc and chaos among the well-considered destiny maps lovingly created by the exalted choirs. The dealings of men upon earth descended into further dissolution.
  14. But this is not the tale I am relating, although I am conversant with it, for these events took place somewhat earlier.

Rob stolzy

rob stolzy

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