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Life is a wonderful gift. It has its ups and downs, but the great thing about it is that it teaches us the power of words. I know (and I’m sure everybody else does) that actions are way more important than empty words, but what happens when those words end up hurting us? What should we do when we get a straight ‘no’ to our faces? How should we react when we get a refuse for a request? Should we cry? Should we complain? Should we make a huge fuss about it? I believe you know the answers to these questions. We all do, but sometimes it’s just so hard to act in the right way.

Why? Because we human beings, living creatures that get attached to things we like, objects that we own or dreams we wish to accomplish. When the time gets rough we have to struggle with different obstacles that block our paths and we find ourselves in a difficult situation. We were raised to believe that when we put in a lot of effort into accomplishing something, it means we HAVE TO get that thing right away. We believe that we have done our homework and now it’s time to receive the most desired prize. Just the way we want it. Unlike common beliefs, things don’t always work that way. Yes, when you work hard for what you want results don’t take long to show, but there is a tiny trick we have to learn. Things may come to us under different circumstances, some of them don’t show themselves to us in our desired way. Sometimes we think that we failed to reach our goals when in fact, the results came out just the right way. It’s only a perspective issue. Try being more open-minded! Try to be more receptive about the thing that surrounds you! We don’t always have the right answers and we definitely don’t know everything, then why believing that success HAS TO come in just one manner? Maybe we can reach the top in a more unique way that we thought.

Maybe other times isn’t a difference in our point of view. Maybe we really get a hard ‘no’ as an answer to our wish. That doesn’t have to discourage us. How many people do you believe succeeded from their very first try? None! There are even studies which have shown that a lot of businessmen had to fail a lot of times before creating ‘The idea’ that brought them success. The thing is, they were persevering. They didn’t give up that easily on their dreams. What if Steve Jobs had given up his work when he was fired from his own company? What if Malala Yousafzai had given up fighting after she was shot? What if all great people had given up when the earth started to tremble under their feet? Now think about your own life. Is it worth to stop believing when a door closes? I think not! Life is there to give you support, to sustain your work and reward you afterwards.

Don’t give up on your dreams, because you might as well give up on your life. Giving up hope, faith and trust in your own abilities means you accept the game is over and you might as well go home! A person can be limited only by the lack of imagination, not by the lack of opportunities. There is a chance in everyday!

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