A Blessing And A Curse

Blessed it be the mystery of love..
not to be solved – broken down or tamed..
Love has no name – it beats to its’ own game..
I lived for this endless wonder
Thrived in its’ unspeakable beauty
grew by the sounds of love
until I never knew this kind of blue that it possessed..
my world went silent
sharpest quiet cut me down until
my ears could no longer hear
My heart could no longer bear..
Yet I’ll always care for this lovely game of love that causes such despair..
Cursed it be the mystery of love..

LaMarr Wenrich

Living life one moment at a time... Each day is a gift... Blessed with the life I've been given--surrounded by my precious family and friends I love.


David Redpath · March 6, 2018 at 2:06 pm

Yes, true love is spiritual.
Something only the poetic
can get a grip on that handle.

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