Wonderful Things Can Happen in Those Moments Of Time when you ‘Hold On’ and Don’t Let Go!

True Love

Positivity can be a sharp two-edged-sword so we really do have to stay positive and positivity can be likened to a prayer because it is a prayer without end and one wise man once said that we should “pray without ceasing,” this of course can be likened to being positive without ceasing! Another wise man said “Above all, taking the shield of faith… and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God” and again, both of these have their roots in positivity because you can be positive of the outcome.

Maybe you are the sort of person who thinks praying is not for you because of the hollow connotations to the word “prayer” – better said sometimes, praying can be communicating the way you feel to a higher spiritual power and so to present the way you are feeling to a higher spiritual power and simply acknowledging that power as being God will have a way of getting the answers you seek…and what do we all really seek other than to come into the presence of another wonderful person and to be touched by their love and for you yourself to reach out and touch them with your love. So hold on to the end, lift up your shield of faith and hold on to your sword of the Spirit and remain positive and there WILL BE a spiritual intervention into your situation, it might come when you are washing the dishes, it might come when you are at your lowest ebb, and very often it does, it can come at just about any time and any place and through any one and check out your memory if it has come to you before now because if it was REAL to you then it can be just as REAL to you now!

It often comes when you least expect it and as they say, “it kind of came out of the blue” but you WILL feel touched by that great love and though the love is so great and so magnificent and so powerful, you will feel the sensitive touch of that great love because we have a God that is so big and so powerful that He can rule the whole universe and even other worlds that we couldn’t even begin to understand or even know of yet! But this same God will step out of all of this just for YOU, just to comfort YOU and tell you that everything’s going to be ok, that He’s going to keep on loving you and caring for you and will never ever stop loving YOU! Why? Simply because He really does love YOU and YOU alone. As much as He loves everybody else for who they are, He also loves YOU for who YOU are too, He can see beneath all of the coverings and you will always stand naked before Him in the beauty that will always be YOU!

True Love

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kenzie.norris · March 6, 2018 at 5:26 am

So good!

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