Looking to the horizon

Sometimes, you feel that you have come to the end of the road, and that there is nothing else left, you are stuck, the ocean surrounds you, and you can’t get away from that inner prison. You fall, you fail, you try, and you will come back again, because there is no other way out.

Sometimes, we forget to look ahead, and find out that there is indeed a new world on the other side of the horizon. We forget, because we are not used to look ahead, and we realize that if we do, we will find out that there is another side waiting for us. Maybe it’s not the best side, but at least we know that we can get away, try something new, and start from scratch. Most of the people are not into a new start, it’s painful, it’s not secure, it’s a big risk, it’s not something that we can rely on. But that is why it’s so refreshing to start from zero, and do it all over again, if it doesn’t work in the first time. We have so many capacities, that we are not always aware of, but when we are led to the limit, and we need to take new steps, we will find an inner strength that we didn’t even knew that we had. We will find a new us, a new person able to have thoughts and commitments, and a new role with a new vision. It’s empowering when we reach this stage. It’s actually the best part, when we need to plan our strategy, think about our future, take our own conclusions. It’s precisely here, that we get to know more about us, and it’s amazing, because we will be able to evaluate our efforts.

The sun won’t be shinning all the time, there will be harsh footsteps, a bumpy road, lots of rocks in our way, mountains that won’t let us pass, icy paths that will stop us from walking straight, oceans in fury that won’t let us lead our boat, strong wings that will keep on pushing us back, but we must not be defeated. We will let everything pass, and we will rise, and we will keep on walking until we reach the other side.

There will be some damaged moments in your way.


Change your attitude. Release all the bad thoughts. Bury the negative. Remove the acidity in your life. Breath deeply. Take a step. And then another…

And start all over again towards the new side, that it’s looking at you in the horizon.

Patrícia Farinha

I am just a portuguese woman, that tries to think outside the box most of the times, because life is so short that sometimes we forget to actually live it entirely

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