Letting go

I am done trying to please everyone. I’ve no concerns what other people think anymore. It’s either they love me or not. I go through life at my own pace.

And I don’t dwell on any disappointments anymore. I want to enjoy my life without any hard feelings I carry. I’m letting go of people who don’t deserve my love and attention. Those who only think of you when they need something. They are my greatest disappointments.

It’s okay to have the only friend that you really can depend. Someone doesn’t care who and what you are. Someone who enjoys life. Someone who really cares.

I’m getting rid of those emotional vampires. Those that feed only on miseries. Those who always complain and who can’t see the positive side of things. Those who only see me as a punching bag.

I’m done riding the roller coaster ride of life. I want to enjoy what’s left of my life. I want to see the world. Discover new places. Try foods that I haven’t tried. Commune with nature. I want to die with a smile on my face.

Something to ponder: Does it make us philosophical only when we’re dying? Why don’t we enjoy life as it is? While we’re young and healthy. Without pressure.

Winnie Suarez

Winnie Suarez

Writing is my platform to express myself. My writing imparts lessons from past experiences. Get to know more of me in dailygrindofastayathomemom.wordpress.com

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