Lack less

It is easy to dwell on the things we lack in life. The lack of love, the lack of money the lack of true joy, the lack of real friends, the lack of lasting relationships. Karma can be a bitch in that when we focus on all that lack. The only thing we will receive in return is more lack. The universe around us only picks up on what we put out. So when we constantly recite and recant what we don’t have then that’s what we’re putting out.

Think about it the last time you had that in-depth conversation with a close friend. Was it a “you know what, I am so grateful that I have been blessed with health to have the stamina to walk where I need to go, I’m thankful to be able to walk.” Or did it sound more like “I need a car… I’m so sick of having to walk everywhere I go, or depend on others for a ride…I really just need a car and I hate everyone who has a car”.

Instead focus on the things we do have. It takes a conscience effort to see and appreciate what we do have, and show gratitude for it.  There is nothing the universe likes more then gratitude. Thankfulness, literally for everything and anything. The air we breathe, the ability to breath, the light by which we read or write our stories and the ability to have sight to be able to read or write. Clean water to drink, to keep our bodies hydrated and clean. Realistically water is a luxury for many, but we take it for granted.

In life we take the things that we think are likely to never run out for granted. But if we look and dwell more on what we do have and the blessing we do have, we will see we are actually more abundantly supplied then we think.

Many times influence of media or the people around us are what get us to wanting the things we don’t have.  Think about it if you never knew there was an iPhone 10 to be had, would you be wanting it? No. I took it to the extreme there but look at the little things in life and really ask yourself why you want it, and if it is really something that is necessary for the soul. If so, then by all means honestly obtain that thing. Just be sure you not just wanting that lover because you feel lonely. You are worth so much more than that.

A want vs. A need. I don’t wanna stand up here and say we should only desire the things that we really need. Because there are times when there is something that your soul just wants. Like that Prada purse I have been eye-balling. There is nothing wrong with wanting something. The point is to take action to get it. It’s very easy however , to want what you are unable to obtain at the moment. That’s what we do as human beings and also as human beings we wallow in not having that thing, that’s the thing. The thing that gets us feeling full of lack.

When lack creeps in, gratitude will push it out. A great way to remember what we do have, is to count your blessing. No, literally. Do it, get out a pen and paper, do it now…. I’ll wait…. there you go. Now write the things and people and experiences and conversations and feeling and environments that you have been blessed with and say at the end of each thing … I gratefully received it and watch that abundance flow out onto the paper, you will be amazed. Do it, I dare you.

With all that said my goal is to lack less. And abundance more!

Akua Salomeh

Akua Salomeh

The most creative I feel is when I'm writing. About life, about navigating through life, and figuring out how to live the best life we have been given.

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