A Dream For Who

A Reading from the Book of Reve…
(being the 1st of 9 segments)

— Glossary —

Jepherus – William Jefferson Clinton (the ’90s)
Columba – North America
Ahrimangu – the World Wide Web, aka the Information Superhighway
Sons of Widows – seekers distinguished by moral autonomy
joomba – djembe drum circle music
nuajah – new-agey self-help literature
digimentos – computer software
Noobis – Africa
Dagamas – Portuguese
Kaanan – Canada
Kebikwa – Quebec
Kwa-ka-lapiz – Appalachians & Laurentians Mts.
Gothis – NY/NJ metropolitan area
Porto – Newark
Azotl-Qwotl – Mexico City
Harrok-man – a forest north of Gothis
Jeru – a beautiful stream in the wilderness

— Personalities —

Icker – author
Icker’s Deep Self
Ellis – Ellis Feldman

— Imaginary Beings —

Angels of Icker, Ellis, Zoya
Archangel of Kanaan
Az – dark archangel of Ahrimangu (herald inspirer of the World Wide Web)
an Archai (a zeitgeist spirit)



  1. An exquisite Archai, bodyless, whose lungs were the motions of stars, exhaled — peering down through the layers of active sentience unto the surging follies of men.


  1. Now in the time of the reign of Jepherus, when not yet all hearts of goodwill had become Sons of Widows, before Ahrimangu‘s masked darkness baffled the eyes of men 2 a great sweeping urge consumed the folk of Columba such that many a one quested inwardly in concealment concerning themselves with the ancients’ remarkable riddle, namely what it is that they were, and what it is that they were part of, 3 and many souls thought prosperous in worldly fashion sought depth and conviction of engagement within their allotted life paths. 4 And multitudes of yoga studios sprouted within strip malls. 5 And nary a public gathering ensued lest a drum circle flooded all ears and pelvises with the pulse of joomba. And lo the maidens and some men took to the raiments of Noobis whereas the fair people of Noobis watched and comprehended it not. 6 And many were the merchants who prospered in the trade of CDs of meditative relaxation music, and also who presented themselves as energy healers of every imagined manner, or practitioners of Reiki 7 or even those who cleansed the bowels of unfamiliar clients. 8 Verily, the number of nuajah booksellers exceeded the number of groceries, and the multitudes frequented these markets, fliritng with one another’s pathologies.

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