On Deciding Your Path

We face many points in our lives, where we are faced with questions which can determine our path in life. Whether it be educational, personal, physical, each are important and can determine the course of your future.

As a Law student, I have been constantly faced with such questions, as well as the hoards of others opinions that come along with it. My mother wants me to do what makes me happy, some tutors want me to pursue a career in a large commercial firm as that is where the money is, whilst others don’t really care.

I have never wanted to work for money. I have always wanted to work doing something I love and am passionate about. If I get to the stage where I hate my work and find no enjoyment in it, I’ll know that I’ll have failed in my biggest goal.

This is one of the reasons I have never wanted to work in commercial law, or anything of the sort. My heart lies in criminal law, personal injury and medical negligence. Why? Because it’s where I feel like people really need a lawyer.

I spent my entire A-Level education being told not to opt for criminal law, because there was no money in it. My response almost every time would be something along the lines of, ‘is that really what life is about?’

Will I really, truly be happy, if I am sitting at home with expensive furnishings, yet hate my job and hate the commitment? Or will I be truly happy if I decide on a job I won’t mind putting the extra hours in for, even if I don’t see as much monetary rewards? I feel more inclined to say the latter.

When deciding your path, you have to consider the long term of your decisions, and taking into account others feelings and opinions on it can help in deciding. However, you should never let someone sway you on your choice, if you feel strongly about it. If your gut tells you to go right, and everyone else says left, go right. Because even if you are wrong, at least you made that choice and can learn from it. Whereas if you listened to everyone, you would always have that aching in your heart, wondering what would have happened if you had done what you really wanted to.
Sticking to what you love is never easy, but it is sure worth it.


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Patti Moore Wilson, wednesdayschild2 · March 5, 2018 at 7:02 am

I am old enough now to have watched more than a few beautiful souls get so lost in their pursuit of ‘success’ that they became unrecognizable. You are on the right path…keep this post close and read it every time you feel yourself straying…

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