Frogs, Ducks, and Thoughts (PMCCP FORM – 8 Syllables)

Instant soups, instant fame shortcuts
meant to replace everything that
requires effort, time, reason, and
care; quantity not quality.

Hashtags for causes and trends to
selfies marking trivial things
And keyboard shortcuts and slangs to
hasten results and influence.

Fragments, lies, and half truths are facts
Stories written in unfinished
lines to polish lies and faces
solidifying power and
legacy spreading frenzy
over a regurgitation
making headlines and even scoops
ending lives, erasing legacies
locking others behind bars and
even sending the king’s men on
a well orchestrated witch hunt.

Legions of quacking gulls gather
me-me-ing echoed chatter on
Facebook, twitter work together
claiming one loser a leader
or a money making wonder.

If thought were a thread spinning from
a loom, their thread of thought is tied
to a loon acting like a goon
dancing crap to glamorous doubt.

Forget creativity or
individuality they
pucker up to insanity’s
kiss watch it lift its leg high to
kick logic out the door just to
let playful vanity into
actuality’s chambers.

All I read is chatter from mad
hatter selling crap as better
mixing lies, short lived fame batter
whisked with gossip, libel slander.

Never did tragicomedy
bring an era of tyranny
so powerful so uncanny
with jeopardy for strategy.

No wonder indifference is
vogue wearing inhumanity
with a pair of muddy brogues
sporting shallowness’s bulky drogue.

Let’s quack like ducks and jump like frogs
after all we are all here to
waddle,croak, quack, and even hop
social media’s bustling farms.

Stupidity an instant dish
reuses leftovers to cook.
Genius is a slow cooked delish
hardly appreciated by
quacking ducks or croaking frogs.

Keep your followers, impressions
I will keep at my endeavors.
Who needs quackers or croakers when
writers are watching firecrackers.

Thought is a school not for a fool
Leadership is a tool not stool
Thought is how logic, reason, rule
bringing minds leadership’s globule:
innovation’s real yule.

Author’s Notes:

Social Media has become noisier than a pond, more crowded than a puddle of crap swamped with flies. Both scenes, you can’t find beauty or quality in them. Brevity there, seems to sacrifice content and intellect seems to be subtracted to identify cool and common. This poem is a response to my impressions of what I see as trends and leadership on social media.

Pasithea AnimaLibera

An impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy.

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