Jealous of the night that wraps you in its’ intoxicating moments..
The moon that rocks you tender as you slumber..
envious of the sun that shakes you gently with its’ morning hello..
Oh that you could see my light and how it revolves around you
That my heart was still the beacon that lit you up..
You closed your eyes and it went black..
So I’ll grieve and
My heart will bleed
Yet I’m removing the shackles that bind me
I’ve done my time..
I won’t sulk anymore
Nor dwell on the memories
I’ve kissed them goodbye
No – I will not steep in sadness or misery like a bitter tea..
I choose to keep moving and let my heart be as free as the sea..
a part of your soul will always keep me whole..

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Free As The Sea
LaMarr Wenrich

LaMarr Wenrich

Living life one moment at a time... Each day is a gift... Blessed with the life I've been given--surrounded by family and friends I love.

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