The Ingredients Of Love

“Love is the bridge between you and everything “. This famous quote is one of my favourites by the 13th century’s famous Persian poet Rumi. This quote has a deeper meaning to me, and it inspires me to share my thoughts about love and its components with you.

Love has been a timeless subject of research by the scholars of several disciplines. As a sociologist myself, I have tried to understand social aspects of love and its base elements from time to time. In this particular blog I would also try to analyse love from both social and psychological points of view. To my understanding, love has three most important components without which its existence is not possible and those are —- Hope, Faith and Trust.

Love is mostly defined as the pure and sacred occurrence in life. We do often relate it with the otherworldly aspects like that of spiritual world.

I think love can only happen when hope is habitual between two persons who hold the same frequency of faith in their bond of trust.

If any of these elements gets affected, the whole bridge of love established between two persons will get unbalanced.

We do often come across this question, “Is it possible to continue a relationship if any one of the partner cheats?”

To that my answer is, “It is not possible to tune into the same frequency of love after a betrayal.”

When any one of the partners cheat in a relationship, he or she breaks the “Trust of Commitment”, passion and intimacy that one has given in the relationship. As a result of which, it mercilessly hammers the faith that one has for their partner and thereby disconnecting all the Hope that once was there in that relationship.

So, when any one of the partner cheats in a relationship, it is almost not possible to get back to the same essence of love that once bloomed between those two persons.

Hence, I believe that it is easy to establish hope, faith and trust in a relationship, but what is difficult is to work on it throughout your life and those who succeed in working on the “Ingredients of Love” inspire people like me to believe in the whole concept of Love.

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Anuskha Ghosh

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Deb Whittam · March 3, 2018 at 2:28 pm

I have nominated this blog for the Sunshine Bloggers Award due to its diversity. Please find link here

E · March 3, 2018 at 11:13 pm

Thank you!
This is beautiful.
I am with you on this. There is no love when there is no trust.
Despite the”popular” views of some people on TED talks, etc., cheating is the death of a relationship.
Love is pure and sacred…
That means indeed that people who cheat, are fooling themselves with calling whatever they do “love”.

    Anuskha Ghosh · March 4, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    Exactly, that’s my point. Love is sacred and cheating with it is a sin. Thank you for your valuable comment 🙂
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