Smokey Mountain Beauty

I fell in love with her so quickly i didn’t realize how close the ground was,
No, not in the romantic sense exactly, It’s more about the intellectual depth.
We challenged each other so often that when it stopped i was lost for words,
There was laughter that was usually brought on an understood sarcastic remark.

Since yesterday there’s been what she called an “Understood Silence” between us,
That smokey mountain air in her lungs disassembled our world in a matter of seconds.
Now I’m off to the Mile High City to try to forget and reconnect at the same damn time,
Cold winter air numbed me from the outside in but the effects wore much too quickly.

Still found myself at local brewery ordering another round in attempt to take the edge off,
Struck up a conversation with a woman who wasn’t you and it didn’t bother me for once.
when she started laughing I thought okay maybe this new life won’t be so bad after all,
So, my smokey mountain beauty don’t try to change my mind while I’m sleeping tonight.

©2018 SJ Falling Rock
All Rights Reserved.

SJ Falling Rock

SJ Falling Rock

I'm a Poet, Photographer, Dysphagia Dragon Slayer


Zedd · March 3, 2018 at 10:24 am

Beautiful and relatable! 🙂

jjulliee · March 4, 2018 at 10:16 pm

check this out

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