How To Succeed Some Simple Steps

How to succeed some simple steps :

Be prepared, whether for a meeting, giving or receiving feedback or just a conversation. In life and work it is just like playing chess, best is always think 2 steps ahead. Do not just simply have some arguments, opinions or presentations. Think about the one(s) you meet, what is their point of view, what will they really be interested in and prepare for adequately answering that.


Avoid bus swords like in business ROI, Win-Win, Low hanging fruit, deep dive, crunch the numbers — Be rather genuine, use your own words, the art is explaining complex thoughts and ideas in very simple pure ways

Not listening to the other side — take in their feedback listen with interest and think how you can address their needs or concerns.

Always think about plan B. If you are challenged do not insist on your way is the only way possible, think about alternatives. It is not a sign of weakness but of professionalism to go back and create a new plan to move forward.


Being only focused and insisting on what you have planned. When you are at a cross point sometimes changing direction is getting you further than following your own initial path.

Be allegiant. Trust and being faithful is key to success in life as well as in work although this is common sense, many times it is a constant challenge every day. Be true to yourself, at work be aligned with your manager, involve him or her, do not try to by pass or back-stab them this rarely works in anyone’s favour. The best way to get your bosses job is helping him or her to be successful and get promoted. Be loyal to your team and those close to you. If everyone knows you are there for them you will have others being there for you when you need them.


Being on an ego trip. We all need to rely on others sooner or later. Who would be there for you if you failed to be trustworthy and loyal? Building a network is more than collecting business cards or LinkedIn profiles. It is about how you act, react and interact with others.

Be around others and learn from them. Whether in life or at work, learn from others. In my first sales job I went to many to learn how they do things. You can always learn from others’ mistakes. For start ups there are Fuckup Nights where they learn from those who failed. Failure is OK if you learn from it, even better if you can avoid others’ made before you. Do never miss an opportunity to learn.


Being a lone wolf. Be around others and learn from them. It is not just more fun and healthier, it is also a boost for your success. Everyone has something to offer that you can learn from and you also have that something to offer no matter how young or old, experienced or inexperienced you are.Actually wolves live in packs and they let the weaker ones lead the pack because they know that they are only as strong as the weakest once.

Sometimes you need to dream big.  Sometimes you need to be bold thing big and go for it. Make a reality check and calculate the risk involved but if you are convinced of a great idea or plan then move it forward. Keeping it to yourself will not change anything, starting to work on it is the only way to realize your dream.


Being keeping your dream. There is only one person that can keep you from realizing a great dream or idea … yourself. If you are convinced it should and could work then plan and start realizing it.

Success is HARD WORK HARD WORK HARD WORK. We all have seen professional athletes or football players and we all think this looks so easy. Behind it is a lot of hard work, training and preparation. A good friend of mine was once going to the Olympics in Judo. He explained me how he prepared with 9 to 12 hours of training every day to get there. If you want success and have a dream, an idea or a plan for success, plan and prepare to work hard on it every day. Success comes from persistently hard working on it. Many times I think ‘hey why not just writing that blog post tomorrow or why not next week’. It is challenging to be persistent and it is HARD WORK HARD WORK HARD WORK.


Sabotaging yourself.  There are only three things towards success. It is HARD WORK HARD WORK and HARD WORK. Be persistent and motivate yourself to go on. Most of the time the best person to keep you moving forward is you. Keep reminding yourself about it every day. .

Conclusion to succeed :

Be Prepared and think ahead two steps take other’s opinions in mind and be open to adapt for plan B if necessary.
Be trustworthy and surround yourself with others to share, give and support and to learn from them/

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