Death, I say, is a gentleman.
He is never partial to anyone. Whether we are rich or poor, no matter what our caste or religion is, no matter what our skin colour is…we are all same before him.

Sometimes he comes unexpected. Sometimes he’s happily invited.

Sometimes he is too early. Sometimes he comes too late.

Sometimes he chooses us. Sometimes… we choose him.

Whatever it is… he accepts us. Even when we don’t want him, even when we fight against him. He accepts us even when we hate him and when we crave for life so much. We beg, cry, scream before him… to spare us… We pray for one last chance, one more day, one more minute, one more breath… He never listens to us. Death, I say, is so stubborn. If he wants us, he gets us anyway. He frees us from whatever we were holding onto, whether or not we had to.

But yes, death teaches us the importance of life. He reminds us that every second on this earth matters. He reminds us that time is too precious to waste. Life is too precious to waste. He shows us how important it is to love people. If everything lasted forever, we’d hardly live truly. I think all we would do is take life for granted and watch years pass without doing much. At some point of time, we all would get tired of life and suffer. Death, I say, is a necessity. Seasons have to change. Trees have to lose their leaves to welcome new ones so that they can always remain green. We have to leave too, someday, to keep life young on this planet.

-Shobitha Bushan

Shobitha Bushan

Bangalorean! A medico , writer, day dreamer! Passionate about art and music. Nature lover... Loves to pet animals and plants! (Also... some people... LOL)


dynaxty · March 4, 2018 at 3:16 am

Death is a necessary evil

Lori A. E. Barney's Blog · March 4, 2018 at 6:20 pm

Spot on.

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