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Darkness was prevalent

Chapter 14 – Broke

The car drove down, amidst the woods. Darkness was prevalent, murky the sky, path unclear and steep.
I was indeed a traveller on an unknown path where my thoughts were unclear, foggy, lost and undetermined.

The car took a steep rough turn. He couldn’t believe his ears and his eyes. He didn’t want to anyway. Some corner of his mind believed, however that what he saw and what he wanted to,were like two sides of the same coin.
The adrenaline rush in his veins seemed to clog his bones. The buzzing phone made his eyes glare at the screen, eyebrows pulled down together converting his fear into anger. The screen displayed Palak calling…. He slammed the phone on the accompanying seat and continued to drive, this time harder.

After a few minutes, the car stopped with a roar.
What am I doing? And why? How can I even think so? I should never believe him and doubt Palak.
I bent down to pick up the phone and turned on the GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM. “I am really lost, like a pearl in a sea.” I murmured to myself and took a left turn following the road to my home.


Pearl like tears falling from her swollen eyes, forming liquid pools. Dismayed, she went to the kitchen wiping her tears, for a cup of latte, her ultimate stress buster. She had phone in one hand, coffee in another. Hopes never diminished whether it was 9 pm or 1 am. She waited. Red bulges forming underneath her eyes until she broke. Tears of remorse filled her eyes. It was 2 am. 20 calls she had made, unanswered, all in vain.
Maybe, it was her time to sleep.

The morning was dull. There wasn’t the usual the glow in the sunshine. My muscles froze as if paralyzed. I didn’t want to move anyway. However I needed to.

I won’t be like a miserable animal seeking his care. I will ask strongly. I constructed the statements while in the bus.

It was lunch. I was sitting alone on the seat. Varun approached, expressionless. There was something hidden behind his visage. I could sense it.

“Why didn’t you responded to my calls?” I asked firmly, trying to control my inner tremendous storm.

I… I am really sorry Palak.” He said glancing sideways. Liquid pools were forming in his eyes.
I rested my palm on his.

“I need to know what’s going on with you. What are you suffering from, please tell me.” I understood I was harsh on him.

“I want to know why you went with Bhavesh when I asked you to wait.” He inquired, his eyes half filled with tears.

“I didn’t want to, believe me but he insisted. I had to.”

“How can he…”

“Hello buddies. What’s up?” Bhavesh interrupted us.

I shifted courtly giving him space to sit.

“We are good.” I replied taking off my hand from Varun’s.

“I got to know that our post lunch hour classes are dismissed for Annual function practice sessions. Participants of dance competition have to report in Conference room straight after lunch.” Bhavesh pronounced the news.

“We will be there. Thanks.”I said.

“Yes.” Varun hummed, his face turned away from him.

“See you guys there.” Bhavesh said leaving.

“I need to go to the washroom. Meet you in the conference room.” Varun said.

“Please wait. I need to talk to you. Varun…. Please…” I called out. He ignored.


All is a lie..

Rows of students assembled, chirping with excitement, except me.

“Come on students, arrange yourselves in pairs.” One of our teachers instructed alerting us by clapping.
Ms Kapoor came to me and stood beside me. I desired Palak, all by my side, all by my life. I burnt in rage when Bhavesh stood nearby Palak.

“We are a team students. Our goal is to give our best. Here are the choreographers hired especially to train you.” Our teacher said introducing us to our choreographers.

“Hey guys, I am David and he is my fellow Steven. We will help you get well through this competition. So gear up and get ready to dance off your feet.”

The music was played, everybody took positions as instructed.

My whole body went on fire when Bhavesh kept one of his arm on Palak’s waist. I was filled with resentment watching them dance together, hand in hand.
I wondered whether I was burning in flames of anger or blaze of lost love and flare of lost trust.

I kept my eyes off them, trying to concentrate on my dance. But I wasn’t able to.
The unfaithfulness of Palak, or what I assumed and those recurring thoughts of that man, kept knocking my nerves.

I backed off, all of a sudden. Ms Kapoor stood by a slight chance of slipping.
I left infuriated.

The strings of love are attached on the base of trust…
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        Yes you can read all the chapters published here.

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Riya Agarwal

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