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Unlimited Beauty

A tiny sprout
That’s all it took
To rejuvenate her beauty and make her whole
Springing her back to things untold..
A seed planted
Growing like a weed
That changed something frightful into something beautiful..
You moved about her heart without getting trampled or torn apart..
Changing the backdrop of her ugly
You set her free from the limits of her life..
The iron bars melted from her soul
She sees beauty everywhere she goes
The glimmer on the trees
Dew on the grass
Sun kissed morning skies that disappear so fast
And the hope that has closed the door to her ill-fated past..
There’s not a word for everything you’ve done but she needs you
Like the flowers will always need the sun..

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LaMarr Wenrich

Living life one moment at a time... Each day is a gift... Blessed with the life I've been given--surrounded by my precious family and friends I love.

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