Where did I go you ask
Was it me, did I say goodbye
Did you let me slip away
Finding silence in my cries

Maybe I did

Wander to where I was wanted
To places too dark to see
Hearing the absent words
Healing the holes inside of me

I don’t remember the journey
The path to where I landed
Only waking up surrounded
By everything you abandoned

Maybe I did

Lose myself along the way
Not seeing you in front of me
Forgetting your touch
And your smile that set me free

It could have happened
Falling so far away
To that place that wanted me
Wandering and wanting to stay

Maybe you did

Come back for me
From where you wandered to
And maybe now you see
It was me who wanted you

~ Kristie Bueno

Kristie Bueno

Writing is the one place that I can truly be myself...

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