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The Traditional 40 Day Long ‘Holi’ Festival In Kullu

While the rest of the nation is yet to celebrate the “Festival of colors”, a small town in the state of Himachal Pradesh is already engrossed in the joy of the festival.

Kullu! A small town in the Northern part of India is already celebrating ‘Holi’, The Festival of Colors.

Holi is a festival that is celebrated in order to mark the victory of good over evil. This festival is celebrated over a period of two days. The first evening is known as Holika Dahan (Burning of Holika), and the second day is followed by ‘Holi’. The day when people play with colors.

The entire nation celebrates ‘Holi’ in the same way. Holika Dahan on the first evening, and ‘Holi’ the following day.

Holi In Kullu

It is not the same in this small town of Himachal Pradesh. In Kullu, Holi is celebrated before the “Holika Dahan”. People here celebrate the traditional ‘Holi’ festival for a period of 40 long days, a tradition as old as 400 years.

The Traditional Instruments of Kullu

In Kullu, ‘Holi’ is officially celebrated just for a day. It is on the day of ‘Holika Dahan’. People begin playing with colors in the morning, and have fun and roam around with friends and family the entire day. In the evening, everyone gathers at the famous Raghunath Temple.

Here, people celebrate the festival in honor of Lord Ram. In Kullu, Holi begins on the day of ‘ Basant Panchmi ‘, exactly 40 days before the day of ‘Holi’. The idol of Lord Raghunath is bathed with colors over the entire period of these 40 days.

While the entire nation celebrates Holi in honor of Lord Krishna, it is the town of Kullu that celebrates ‘Holi’ in honor of Lord Ram. Here, ‘Holi’ is celebrated to commemorate the meeting of Lord Ram with his brother Bharat after the former returned from exile. A full act is carried out depicting Ram-Bharat meeting.

No matter how amazing this festival is across the nation, it is something different in this part. ‘Holi’ in Kullu is celebrated with great enthusiasm. And if you are a photographer, this is your paradise. Visit this small town in the lap of Himalayas once to celebrate this “Festival of Colors”, and trust me, you won’t regret.

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