A Book Full Of Life

…and at the beginning was you.

Made a lot of mistakes, many people were hurt, gave birth, built up, gone.
Was egoist and destroyer, ignored and hated.

Thought I knew what life is – even thought I knew what love is, suspected everywhere, saw and even felt her.

But it was just a reminder to you.

I learned that I did not know the love… until you came back into my life.

I ran, did not stop, lost you, found finally a home in your chest.
Your light warms, enlightens, accompanies, shows the way if I’m lost.

Is God vindictive? He likes to torment? Was he separated from his love?
Why am I unable to look into your eyes, so that you can see how wonderful you are, how I love you?!

And at the end is you.

(Pic location: smac Chemnitz)


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