Another Morning Person…

It’s always between those brief seconds, between being not quite asleep and not quite awake yet, when my brain yells “WHAT TIME IS IT, MARIA? WHAT ARE YOU LATE FOR NOW?”… and on occasion, I get to calm myself down. I remember that I don’t need to be anywhere until much later in the day. Or that I can have a morning all to myself and with no responsibilities. Or the whole day for that matter.

Those are my kind of days. The free-morning ones. On days like these, I bounce out of the warmth of my best, take care of the little things like brushing my teeth or letting my hair down from the braid I had created the night before and which is usually a messy one by the time I get up… and then I’ll return to my room, slide the curtains open and open the window a little to let some air in. And some of the background noise filter into my room.

Then, I’ll rush downstairs for the highlight of my morning…. Breakfast! It always includes cereal with warm milk in a bowl and a cup of coffee just the way I like it, a bit of milk and a bit of sugar to sweeten the day. Along with that in my hands, I will walk back to my room, which is rather crispy from the outside air, and crawl back under the covers, open my laptop and catch up on the world news.

Today is one of those days… And while I am enjoying that warm cup of coffee, I am writing to you dear world. Good morning…and here’s to the little things in life that make our days better! ❤

Maria Moraitou

Avid chocolate eater. Lover of stuffed animals. Blogger and online roleplayer. Choir singer, english teacher & professional children's author. Movie buff.

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davidpalethorpe · March 1, 2018 at 1:35 pm

Excellent I can emphasise with you loving the morning

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