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From the day I was born, until now when I am almost 23, I have been living in this beautiful city. Like any other city in India, Bangalore has busy streets, tall buildings, over crowded buses. Bangalore is not only known for its IT industry and nightlife, it is also known for its Traffic Jams! You measure distance by time here. If someone asks you how far is KR Market from Silkboard, you won’t say 8kms. “1 hour” ! That’s what you say. The same distance without traffic can be covered within 10 mins. So you can estimate how bad the traffic jams are. On one side, Bangalore has one of the coolest buildings in India, on the other side it also suffers from clogged roads, pot holes and all types of pollution.

No matter how many complaints I have against my city, I love my city so much. Amidst all the noise this city suffers, there are also quiet parks and beautiful gardens. Bangalore has such a pleasant weather. It rains in Summer, it rains during Monsoons and rains during Winters but never really rains too much. It is never too hot here and never too cold. If you ask me, I’ll say Bangalore has no seasons. It is pleasant always.

The food here is something you should never miss. Masala dosa is still the queen of all dishes. The street food, especially if you are a non vegetarian and it is Ramzaan, you’ll be head over heels for the kind of street food this city offers. As a child, and maybe even now, I love kulfis and paani puris. I never get tired of all the evenings I spent with my grandparents enjoying these tiny little joys of life.

You will never come short of entertainment here. It has one of the most amazing shopping spots. “Namma Metro”, the Bangalore Metro has been a life saviour for so many people with busy schedules who have always dreamt of escaping traffic jams. The best part about Bangalore, is the people. Trust me, you don’t have to know kannada to survive in Bangalore. No matter what language you speak, you’ll be heartily accepted by this city. You can find all kinds of people here. Name a language, name a religion… and you can easily spot them. All kinds of festivals are celebrated with equal enthusiasm in Bangalore. That’s what makes my city so special. It is not only beautiful on the outside… it owns one of the sweetest people ever!

Yes, there are times I feel like escaping from this city. Time moves so fast here. Days pass like minutes. But no matter where I go, how beautiful the country or the place is… nothing makes me feel as comfortable as my city. I always want to come back. They say home is where your heart is. I am lucky… my home, my people, my heart… everything stays right here… in the middle of this amazing city… Bangalore!

-Shobitha Bushan

Shobitha Bushan

Bangalorean! A medico , writer, day dreamer! Passionate about art and music. Nature lover... Loves to pet animals and plants! (Also... some people... LOL)


Nina Gerber · March 9, 2018 at 6:41 pm

Nice. I would like to visit and experience your beautiful city – on foot!

TechFlax · March 19, 2018 at 7:53 am

You said right. It’s really really awesome and beautiful city with beautiful heart peoples. Lovely.

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