All I want is….

All I want is a cup of coffee with you. When the hour is late, when the sun sets in the horizon and a warm light peeks through the windows.

All I want is to be next to you a bit longer before we part. I want to enjoy that coffee with you, just the way you like it… Black. Strong and black with its familiar scent seeping from the heat of the mug, filling the air, enveloping us in our little world where we exchange our thoughts about everything… I want to hear you talking, your voice ringing in my ears, while you tell me stories. Most importantly, I want to see your smile and hope that I am the reason behind it…

All I want is a cup of coffee with you and our hands together. I want to walk with you and get excited over the little things life presents to us. Like the dogs that stroll by or while passing by a favorite spot. Maybe we’d find a bench and as I rest my head on your shoulder, we’d watch the people walk by, trying to guess their stories.

I want to hear your laugh. I want to see how you lick the foam off your upper lip. I want to enjoy your presence. I want to think about all the things we could do together. I want to read books with you and talk about all the places we’ve been…and maybe we can go again…together.

I want to know your aspirations, your visions, your fear. We’d talk till the moon comes up, discovering more about us each and every day and slowly learning to accepting our flaws.

And after that coffee is over, all we’d look forward to the next day is when we’d get our next coffee.

Maria Moraitou

Avid chocolate eater. Lover of stuffed animals. Blogger and online roleplayer. Choir singer, english teacher & professional children's author. Movie buff.

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David Redpath · March 1, 2018 at 2:39 am

All I want . . .
If for you to get
what you want.
And everybody else
to get what they need.
In the end . . .
perhaps we’ll all get
what we deserve?

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