The Light of Life

A feeling that fuels the mind and enriches all senses, something that takes us to places we’ve never visited before and makes us fly away when everything seems to become ‘too much’… that’s what happiness is. A life without pressure, without stress or anxiety is something we all wish we have, but so few of us experience. It’s not completely our fault, there are external factors that can influence our way in life, things that don’t depend on us. What’s important is to take care of ourselves as much as we can, because by doing this, we maximize our chances of success. When we take care of ourselves and learn to take a break from time to time or learn to see the beauty in everything, we actually start seeing a wonderful face of this world.

It’s not easy to live and it’s definitely more difficult to keep living in a healthy way. The course of life is not linear, it has its ups and downs which is absolutely normal. Life would be too boring if everything went on smoothly, without any obstacle in our way. As I’ve said it so many times before, every little difficulty we find is a new chance to learn something and become better, maybe even inspire someone by sharing our experience. All these moments come and go and the trick is to know how to keep our heads above the water and not drown in too many thoughts and worries. Easy said than done! Balance… that’s the key word. It’s like when you want to lose some weight and embark on a journey of dieting and exercising to get to that desired weight. Everything looks perfect at first, but then our world starts to collapse. Why? It’s simple. A diet is not a way of life, you can eat chicken breast and salad for some time, but not for your entire life. At some point you feel the need to add some sweet things in your meals. When you started adding the first new ingredient, then another one and another one, your whole diet is ruined. Everything comes back to you and you feel disappointed so you give up. There are a lot of studies that prove the efficiency of a balanced life, of moderation. You can have that slice of cake, but not every single day. The same thing happens to our journey in life. WE can have happy moment, but also sad ones, we can win or lose. There are positive times and also negative ones. The Universe knows how to maintain the balance, we are the ones who struggle with that.

Sometimes we can find our way back all by ourselves, other times we need help. There is no shame to go to a shrink or a friend or a family member. There is no shame to start new hobbies just to make yourself feel better or pass an extreme situation. As long as you don’t start ruining your life everything is alright. Happiness comes to those who want to see it, to those who want to feel it. When you wake up every morning and feel that calm in your heart and mind is when you reached the ‘happy spot’. When there is no trouble in your life and when you have understood that overreacting, stressing and feeling like there is no solution to your problem are only thoughts that will bring you down is when you actually start to be mature. That is the moment when you achieved something new… awareness. You are aware that life will give you joy and sorrow, that life is a bitter-sweet pill to swallow, but you don’t freak out about it. You take it as it is and move on. Trying, you reach the top of the mountain.

There is no punishment for you, there is not a personal vendetta from the Universe against you. Things don’t want to go against you, but you sometimes do. Often we try to take revenge on the bad moments and failures and end up doing more harm than good. I know, when you win you feel thrilled, but when you lose you feel numb and like you don’t belong somewhere. That’s not true, try to see beyond that. There is something waiting for each and every one of us at the end of the tunnel. We just have to maintain that balance, that order in all our particles to be able to enjoy the journey. As Dumbledore once said, ‘happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light’. Turn on that light in your heart and life will become your greatest friend.

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