Grasping for Darkness

Posted on the walls are dark images. Rhymes that idolize the scars, fear, and darkness that brought her to that place. They say, it’s to help accept who she is, but she looks trapped.

They’re torn; torn into tiny pieces of her lie on the ground. She was shattered. Who was she now? She worked hard on that, but it’s gone.

Her feelings minimized by the monster who refused to let her lie in darkness. Her feelings crushed. Her eyes burned and her throat hurt from the screaming, fighting, and crying.

The monster yelled, “That is not you! That is a thing you are clinging to! That image, that girl, that pain, that hurt is something you’re clinging to.”

She didn’t hear the monster. She sunk deeper and they let her. She hid it and everyone ignored the real monster that hid near her.

Brady Delgado

Brady Delgado

Life can be hard, but I believe beauty can be found in even the craziest of situations.


Raj · February 27, 2018 at 12:08 pm

Very well written.

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