Confused Friendship- Internal Review

Internal assessment in a week and I need to gather the study material at the earliest.

What do I do now?

Downright was all I felt!!!!

“Hey, the lessons are done for the day” the girl next to me informed as I was still in tremor.

“Oh thanks,” I said and asked, “Could I borrow your notes?” I need it so I can at least pass.

“Sorry, I need it,” she said and walked off.

What a bitch! I muttered to myself and marched out of the room. One day they could have lent me the book.

As I was walking towards the nearest bus station to board, I saw a girl who looked similar. We were in the same lesson at school.

“Sharon”, I called and she just looked at me like she didn’t know me.

“Hello”, I said and she just stared at me.

“Poorvi. Your schoolmate”, I said.

“Oh Poorvi! I could not identify you,” Sharon said.

“That is okay, it has been long” I shrugged. Sharon was my schoolmate for 6 years and since we were not in contact for two years, she has forgotten. Wow, really good.

We walked to the nearest bus station while having a conversation over the school and got to know we are in the same lesson and I felt slightly better, as I would now have someone I know. She then continued chatting with her friends and I was back to being an alien.

I was waiting for the bus and a girl standing next to me asked my name. I Introduced myself and asked what her name was.

“Noor,” she said, “Why did you join late?”

Blabbering to her that I got the selection of college late and due to that, I had to join very late. Soon my bus arrived and promised to catch up the next day. What made me a grin again was, when she said we share the same lessons.

As the bus passed, through different streets, I drifted back to my somber mood and that was internals.

On reaching home, my sister Sonu welcomed me as though I had returned from a battlefield.

“Pooh how was the first day?” she asked. Yeah! I am called by the name Pooh at home.

Sonu was my elder sibling and was in her final year of engineering in one of the top university.

“Torture,” I said and walked into the kitchen where mom was cooking.

“What happened?” Asked my mother, concerned.

“Why did you have to transfer me to a different college now?” I sobbed.

“I have internal examination next week and I am going to fail. Nobody is sharing the notes. What will I do?” crying I told my mother. Both started giggling. I was fuming at them so I just strolled into my room, tossed the bag aside and slumbered peacefully.

After a good nap, I forgot all the intense drama of internal review; I freshened up and left to the porch to see if any of my friends are there to play. Changing my apparels, I headed straight to the badminton court.

Yeah!! Sports was one of my favorite time passes and I had a couple of friends in the society whom I could hang out with. I have been staying in this society for more than 15 years and have boundless memories.

“Hey guys,” I said sauntering to my friends.

“Hello Pooh,” greeted Manvi giving me a hug.

Manvi Singh! Short, fat and mice teeth girl was my fellow neighbor and we had a great tie. She was younger to me and we shared all the mysteries with each other.

“How was your first day at University?” she asked

My University was one of the top 10 in Bangalore with a huge campus and a lot of good-looking boys and beautiful girls where I do not fit. I was out of the league from all the folks I just saw around on the campus. Girls just flaunted their body and the boys were having the utmost time of all.

“Don’t jog my memory?” I rolled my eyes at her and took my racket to start the game. They all sounded pleased and we began our game. I forgot all my worries about the university examination and revelled in my game.

We said cheerio to each other and headed to our respective homes.

Tarun asked, “What happened?”

Tarun Verma was also one of my neighbors with curly hair, fair and cat eyes that I used to love the most.

I repeated to Manvi and Tarun what all occurred and they were smiling.

“Make fun guys, you will know once you join engineering,” I smacked them signaling ciao and went home.

Tarun and Manvi are best friends of mine. When sometimes the power goes off or during the holidays, we meet at a common room in the society and have loads of fun. We have always hung out together and went on a day trip with our families together. Every evening we met, played for a while and shared our daily experience.

As I went home, I greeted my dad, cleaned up, and went straight to my study table to make a plan for the upcoming examination.

My dictum when I joined this university was, not to fail. People should know me as a clever girl and not some loser. Now that I have my internals, which I know will be a fail and this would make my fellow students think I am a stupid teen who cannot study fine. I do not mind if people would want me to be a part of their networks but I wanted them to know that I can have a decent score and keep a low life.

After engaging with my thoughts, I decided I should give my 100% without any negative thoughts and learn lessons myself to pass. Finally, I set my mind for the internals.

“Pooh, dinner is ready”, mom shouted.

“Yes, coming” I skipped the staircases.

A home was a simple two-story building with luxurious kitchen, which my mom wanted; next to it were the dining room, living area and remaining floors with four bedrooms.

Discussing on the TV series and family we retired to bed early once dinner was completed.

Poornima Keshavaiah

I have been chasing a dream to be an artist but something just pulled me into IT. But that did not stop me from what I wanted to be. So here I am today as Artist and Author.

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