Chapter 9- Scared

I drove through the lane, her lane, where my heart belongs, now and forever.
I reached home with a wide smile on my face. Trying to hide this smile was difficult.
I freshened up and sat down for dinner. I was lucky enough to get a father who loves to cook.
After dinner, I went to my bedroom, switched on my phone which was dead due to no battery and lay down on the bed. After plugging the phone, I eagerly looked for the messages where I found hers.

“Hope your mum is fine!” Caring she has always been. For me and my allies.

“Hopes are accomplished.” I replied rolling on my bed and turning towards my left. It was the first ever so beautiful feeling I experienced. Waiting for her to reply, I sat up. I should call. Maybe she would have slept by now, maybe not.
Unable to control my urge to listen to her once before sleeping, I called her closing my room’s door behind.
I sat leaning against the door with crossed legs waiting eagerly for her to pick up the call.
There she did.
“Shhhh..” she spoke softly in a low voice. I followed her. After some minutes, she spoke again.
“You know I would have got caught.” She spoke so sweetly, her voice so melting, that it almost made me fall for her.

“I love you na….”

“Prove it.” She seemed funny.

“What? Why?”

“Because you say so”, she giggled.

“You don’t trust me?”

“You should earn my trust na.”

“Ok then. Just wait and watch. Tonight itself, my love for you will be proved.”


“I asked you to wait….”

“And watch.” She laughed.

“Damn!” She said as if shocked.

“What happened?”

“Mum caught me laughing hard and now is asking why.”

“Bye, I hope you succeed in your task.” She said giggling lightly.



“Nothing mum, it was just a joke I read.”

“I heard you talking, dear.”

“No my dear mommy, you heard me reading.”

“I hope so you are not lying to your dear..”

Sorry mum, I am…

I lay down on my bed wondering about him. Evidence of love he is going to serve me with, which I kept searching in his eyes for long!

There came a creaky sound, a thump which startled me. I got up, scared. The sound came from the second floor of the house. I came outside my room searching for mum. She was nowhere. I looked everywhere for her.
Frightened, I took the golf stick of my father, and climbed up the stairs. It was dark above as there was no electricity and we were managing with the inverter. I had a torch in my hand. Switching it on, I entered through the door, in the living room. I found no one there. I stood still, when I heard footsteps of someone walking.
I moved further to the kitchen and then to the washrooms. Coming outside and finding no one there, I took a deep breath, puffing up my lungs full of air, and releasing it then. I entered the last suspected place, the bedroom. The best feature of this storey was, the bedroom, spacious and wide. I searched for that mysterious voice at every corner. I suddenly heard the voice again. I turned around and found no one, once again. I walked backwards as I suspected someone to be there and maybe would approach me. I walked back and back when I got caught. My back touched someone’s body, indeed the person was masculine. He engulfed me by his hands.
My mind screaming, I should have been careful, what will I be doing now?

“Leave me. Please. I… I don’t know you. Don’t kill me. I have done nothing wrong. Take whatever you want. Leave me please.” I screamed frightened.
He lifted one of his hands from my waist and suddenly put on my mouth.
The same touch, the same feel, the same vibe, the same essence, the same fragrance….
Golf stick fell from my hand. I turned around. I put a flash on his face. His face sparkled.

Mystery everywhere!!
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