Chapter 7- The Passage

The clock displayed 5:00 pm. I went straight back to ICU.

“Where have you been?” Varun questioned.

“I went to call home just to inform them where I am.”

“Oh! so this implies that you aren’t going home. But there’s no need, seriously. I am fine, I can manage.”

“Come on dude, I would love to be with you here.” I winked laughing.

“Hey, why so?? And how I just became Mr.Cool Dude all of a sudden?” He inquired half laughingly.

“I enjoy your company”, I said almost blushing.

“Well…. the same case is with me. I like to be with you.”

“May I ask why?”

“You are…. You are some kind of beautiful.”

“Thanks for that.”

Suddenly we went silent. I didn’t have anything to say. After his compliment I almost lost myself already.

“Don’t you think we are hungry? We need to get our stomachs full. It’s 6 pm.” He asked breaking the silence prevailing in the corridor and in between us.

I felt my stomach grumbling for food.
“Yes, I also think so..”

“Let’s get going somewhere then.”

“In this school dress of ours?”
“Yaa. I guess we have no other choice, you see.”

“Oh ya! I am so sorry for being such silly. But what about your mum. Somebody is required here.”

“Oh! For that we need not worry. We can be back in an hour. Doctors have affirmed that there’s no serious situation and my mum is fine.”

“Where we will go?” I asked.

“Oh yes, we can go to the newly opened restaurant in lane 7”, I answered myself.

“It’s the most nearby what we can have.” I continued.

“Umm… yaa but I think there’s one cafe in this lane also. Yes, Spiced Up. We shall go there I think.”

“Ok then… let’s go and be back quickly.”

We strolled through the lane and entered the cafe. It was a well furnished cafe. All around the interior, there were coffee colored sofas placed with rectangular tables and striped chairs. The table was also coffee coloured and contained the menu, four kerchiefs with cutlery apt for four persons. The chairs were striped with black and white lines which complemented with the tables.
Many art pieces were hung all over the walls which decorated the interior even more. There I saw, a guitar in a case along with wall paintings. There was a huge mirror just to the front of the entry, where I took a look of myself. “Awful”, I sighed.

“Really?”he asked.

“What? No. I mean… no the cafe is great. I said that for myself.” I clarified.

“Oh! No. You don’t seem awful. Ya you just look a little weary, but you do look attractive.”

“Really, I don’t think so.”

“Come on…”

“Ok I agree”. I said.

We moved to the third corner most table and got ourselves seated.

“What will you have?” He asked.

“Anything just not spiced up like the name of the cafe”, I said sarcastically.

“Excuse me..”, he called the waiter.

“We will have two big cheese burgers and one corn cheese pizza”

“Ok with you na..?”

“Yaa very sure”, I said. The waiter left with the order.

“My stomach is growling.” I said.

“Just a little time”, he smiled.

We sat facing opposite to each other.
The cafe didn’t had many people. It was so silent inside. Through the big glass panes of windows, a serene lively sight can be seen. Oh that was so beautiful. All the greenery that encircled the cafe, with some seats even placed outside, the bright cloudless sky and the feel of cool breeze, all this made the view so alluring and pleasing to eyes.
“This is marvellous.” I exclaimed, gazing towards the magnificent sight of sunset.


“This view outside cafe, this is so beautiful. How come you know about this cafe?”

“Ya indeed, this cafe is made such that it covers sunrise and sunset views from every point. I came here with Palak once.”


“Yaa… We used to hang out with each other.”

“Just the two of you?”

“Ya, you are right.”

“Ohh I see…”

“You guys don’t hang out now?”

“Can’t say…”


“Sir, the food is here”, the waiter said interrupting me.

“Thank you.” Varun said while arranging the burgers on the table.

“Finally… I was so hungry.” I sighed.

“Me too..”

We then sat quietly, eating our burgers and munching on our pizza.

“So where were we..?” Varun asked.

I looked at him overhead with the burger in my mouth. He laughed. I took the half ate burger out of my mouth and silently chewed the piece inside my mouth.
“Sorry..” Varun said.

“It’s ok… That was an obvious reaction.” I replied half laughingly.

“But you are angry… aren’t you?”

“No. I am not”

“I will be back in a few minutes. I need to go to the washroom.” I said while standing up.

“Ok. I will wait.” Varun smiled.

I was returning from the washroom just when I saw an exquisite passage, decorated artistically with wall paintings and different kinds of pots and sculpture art. I went inside the passage to have a closer look of the sculpture. There was kept, on the corner of the entry of passage, a sculpture of a woman with a loose white cloth covering her. As I moved in, I saw beautiful wall paintings and some more sculpture arts of a man with the bow and many more.

“What are you doing here?”

The voice startled me. I looked behind and saw Varun standing.

“Ohh, so it’s you.”

” Yes it’s me. I searched for you everywhere, even in the girl’s washroom, and look, you are standing here in this sleek passage.” He said disappointed.

“Look at this passage na, it’s so beautiful, isn’t it? I was passing by this and eventually I stopped because of this appealing view. It is obvious that anyone will stop looking at this beautiful art placed so artistically over here. I don’t understand why you are disappointed….” Varun made me silent keeping his forefinger on my lips and taking hold of my shoulder.

“Shhhh…. You speak a lot.”

I was already silent. How can I even speak when I was kept silent!
(Butterflies in my stomach….)

A moment of silence. We were standing in the middle of the passage. He was just an inch away from me.

Our eyes met. I was getting nervous and jumpy. I started perspiring. A chill ran down my spine. I don’t know what was happening. I could feel the sweat inside my shirt.

( Varun…..why and what are you doing to me…? Why you are not leaving me?)

He gently pushed me, allowing me to lean against the wooden wall of the narrow passage. He came a bit more closer with his finger still on my lips. My breath was shaking. Sweat drops covered my face. I felt wet.

He slowly moved his finger on my lips. Then, he took my face in both his palms, coming more closer and he made me silent once again! This time not with his finger but with his lips. I felt his warm soothing lips gently brushing over mine.
Unable to contain myself anymore, I took him in myself with my hands. We caressed each other’s lips. My hands ran through his body, exploring and studying his perfect physique, shape and form.
He moved away softly. His eyes lost in mine. Deep… full of secrets and questions.


As I moved away from her, I got totally lost in her.

Her pale pink thin lips, feel of which sent me into a sensual state of intoxication, making me wanting to grab them into mine, once again……
Her blue eyes, searched for the secrets of my soul, my heart and my mind.
Her body spoke a lot. She was standing still gazing me, her trembled appearance, her perspiring face, all made me want her even more.

I reached her, taking her moist body into my hold, unable to control myself. Placing one hand under her hair beneath her ear, I traversed her face, tenderly starting from her forehead, gently caressing it, leading to her beautiful blue eyes, which she had closed reflexively, planting a kiss on them, next smooching through her flushed, plump pink cheeks, finally reaching her lips, I stuck. I paused. My lips over her’s without any movement. Just in contact. Our eyes met…

To my utter amazement, she went fiery, kissing passionately while I examined her moist body, my hands venturing over her curved body.

Just then she pulled apart, throwing me a little back, opening her eyes, taking shaky, shallow breaths.
She ran outside the passage. I followed her. She took her seat on our table wiping her face with the kerchief which was previously kept on the table. Now, she was breathing heavily.
I slowly moved towards the table, carefully studying her face, her expressions. I slowly got to my seat. I wondered what made her run like this.
There was kept on the table, only one last slice of pizza which I had left earlier.
Gathering my strength and courage, I addressed her.


She looked towards me with fear on her face clearly expressed. She remained silent.

“Eat that… that last slice… of pizza… kept for you.” I almost spoke, finding otherwise hard to. Words were stuck in my mouth.

“No. you….” She mumbled.

“Why not you…?”

“I am done….”

“So am I “, I said trying to convince her to eat it. I could clearly see her fear and nervousness after all what had happened. The best way to get out of this restlessness was to eat something.

“Ok then…. I shall eat it”, saying she took that slice in her mouth.
I got successful in convincing her… (Maybe I can even get successful in having her….)
The waiter came with the bill in the meantime.
I payed off.
“Thanks”. Palak said with her eyes not in contact with mine.

“For what..?” I asked confused or maybe I did confuse her.
(For the treat… or for the treatment I did to her….)

She looked straight towards me in dismay, now our eyes in contact with each other. Unable to answer, she stood up indicating to leave.
We left the cafe.

Riya Agarwal

Hi this is Riya Agarwal. I am an author and I write stories whose chapters are published when completed. Thanks for giving your valuable time. Stay tuned.❤


Shreya · February 28, 2018 at 4:38 pm

That escalated pretty quickly. Will she ever talk to him again? Or did she love it? Probably she did, but maybe, she didn’t… What is it?

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