Chapter 6- The Hospital

I boarded the bus and took my seat. To my amazement, Varun boarded my bus and looked here and there as he was searching for some place to sit. The bus was already full. The seat next to me was empty but that girl was about to come. His face was covered with little drops of sweat. I stood up and asked him why he was in my bus.

“I need to reach lane 9 of your street as soon as possible. My mother is in hospital”. He replied with a tensed look on his face.

“Oh that Medico Hub hospital?”


“Why, what happened to her?”

“She had a heart attack just an hour ago”, he said almost losing his calm.

“Don’t worry. Just sit down…take my seat”.

“No. No. It’s ok. I will take permission from office and will board an auto”.

“This bus is about to leave and you will reach in half an hour or so but otherwise you will be late. The procedure of office is tiresome. You know na”.

“But how will you….”

“No more discussions. Take my seat”.

“If you insist, I will. Thanks for this”.

“Look, the problem is solved. Girl beside me is late or I guess isn’t coming. I also got a seat”.

I sat opposite to window seat, that is my seat on which Varun was sitting now. His face clearly showed fear. He was perspiring heavily.

“Here, take this.” I handed him my water bottle.


I smiled.

“How did you get this news about your mother?”

“Romy brought a cell today, kept it hiding in bag. And I guess dad knew anyhow about this. He called Romy”.


He looked out of the window. With every moment passing, the bus was getting closer to my street and with every such second passing by, he was getting weaker and weaker.
He completely lost himself when we reached lane 1 and started crying. Tears rolled down his cheeks at a faster rate. Pathetic! Pathetic it was for me to watch him cry like this. He has been an image of cool dude for me always. I didn’t understand how to take control of this situation, his situation.

I simply placed my hand on his…

“Everything will be fine. She will get fine by God’s grace. Don’t worry. Have faith in him.”

Instinctively, he took me in his arms the very next moment. He cried even more.
His body felt so warm in this chilly weather. Due to sweating, I felt so warm, I think. My body was brushing against his shirt which was wet with sweat. The sweat made me feel something different. Being in his arms was the best feeling I had. I was totally lost in him when the horn of the bus ended those thoughts of mine.

Moving a little away, he composed himself.

“You know, this is the second heart attack she has had”, he said while adjusting himself.
I remained silent not knowing how to console him and calm his nerves.

“The first time she had it was when she was cooking in the kitchen last year.”

“If I would not have been there that day, she might have even burnt herself and died…..”, he paused, not able to continue any further.

“It’s ok. She will get well very soon.”

We reached and the bus stopped by lane 9. I gave him way. I also stepped down the bus with him.

“Hey, why are you coming? Yours is lane 10” he asked, confused.

“Yaa, I think I need to be here, with you and your mum”.

“No, it’s so good of you but you just don’t need to. I am completely fine”.

“You don’t need to take this as a favour.” I said smiling.

Accompanying him, I walked through the narrow lane towards the hospital.
The cool breeze yet made me cold again. His warmth had almost made me sun bathed. I think this icy cold weather at least did some good to Varun and made him normal once again. He looked fine. He wasn’t even crying anymore. I was just looking towards him. Something was magical about him. It was getting hard to resist him.

At the reception, he asked for ICU.

“First floor, towards left”, the receptionist replied giving a lazy smile, maybe she was too tired of giving this information every now and then regardless of the fact that it’s a part of her job.
We climbed the stairs instead of opting for a lift. Finally we reached ICU. I saw a tall figure, well dressed in his coat with a suited Ascot tie. He was his father. I greeted him.
“She is Palak, my friend. I won’t have got in time here without her help.” Varun said introducing me.
“Oh no sir, he is just being too thankful, I did nothing as such.” I said.

“Well, it’s nice of you to be here in our bad times. Thanks for all.” His father smiled.

“Dad, how’s mum now? What’s the current update?”

“She is fine. Out of danger. But she is unconscious and needs rest.”

“Doctors say she should not take any physical or mental stress otherwise….” His father went silent.

“I want to see her, Dad”.

“Ya you can for sure. Go inside”.

He looked at me. I nodded. He went inside.

Meanwhile, I went to the cafeteria nearby, and bought three cups of espresso. I offered one to his father and took one myself. We both were quietly sipping the hot brewed caffeinated drink. Varun’s father’s face showed clearly the tensed nerves on his forehead. His well dressed appearance understandably exhibited that he directly reached hospital from his office.
Varun came outside. He took a seat while I gave him his cup.
“This wasn’t required.”

“This was… atleast for me”, I said smiling and tastefully licking my lips.

“Dad, you can now leave for your work. I am here. I will keep you updated.”

“But, dear… How will you manage all this by yourself?”

“I will Dad, trust me.”

“Yes uncle, I am also here with Varun. We’ll manage.”

“Ok then. Keep me updated.” His father said while gathering his bag and other requirements from the table nearby, preparing to leave.

“Do you mind if I just come in some minutes?” I asked impatiently.

“No worries, you can go”, he said.
I went to the reception and asked the lady for a phone call. She simply located the telephone in front. I called home.

“Hey, where are you till now? And how come you are calling me from this unknown number?”

Came the voice from the other side who was undoubtedly my mum.

“Yes mama, just calm down. I called you to inform about this.  I am at the hospital of the lane 9.”

“Why? What happened to you? Are you alright?” She questioned, frightened.

“Yes mama, I am way too good. I am here to accompany my friend whose mother had a heart attack. I guess I will be back by 8 pm.”

“Oh dear, you scared the hell out of me. Thank god you are fine. You are sure you don’t need any help from me?”

“No mama, I will call if I feel so.”

“Ok take care, bye.”

“Yes mom, you too, bye.” I said hanging the call.

“Thanks”, I said to the receptionist, smiling.

“You are most welcome”, she replied yet again with a lazy smile on her face. Maybe this was also too common for her.

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