Chapter 5- Just…

There was excitement in my head, butterflies in my stomach, happiness in my eyes. I could feel the whole thing changing in my head, body and mind and of course my heart. It felt like my life took a turn. It was an altogether new feeling for me. This feeling which felt special and beautiful came through the message from Varun…

Varun- Hello Ms beautiful!
( My eyes got stuck onto the word beautiful. It was an unexpected message and then this word made it more of unusual. Some part of my heart liked it.)

Me- Hey.. how’s u?

“I am good. U tell?”

“I am also good”

“Oh that’s nice:-)”


“What are u up to?” He messaged.

” Just hoping to study.”

” Don’t hope then:-)”
(What did this message mean? He meant to joke or he wanted to say that I can’t study?)

“What? Why?” I replied.

“Oh! I meant don’t go to study. I don’t want so.”

(Why didn’t he want me to??”)

“Ooo..why so?”

“Just..”, he replied.

I waited for another 5 minutes for his response. After this message he didn’t say anything. He finally went offline. Strange! He asked me not to go for studies and he himself went offline.
( Was he not comfortable to answer my question or he didn’t have any reason?)
(My mind kept questioning his every action…)

I was getting more and more curious for his reply. But he was offline, unfortunately.
I was in no mood to study. I went for my dinner. To my amazement, my favorite shahi paneer was prepared. I just love it’s creamy gravy with sweet panner in it. I had my dinner and then instantly went for sleep. I was sleepy as I didn’t slept in the afternoon. I lied down gently bringing the blanket to my head above, wrapped my legs and covered half of my face. I was shivering. It was cold outside. 6 degrees, I made a guess.
I don’t remember when I dozed off. Last I remember was that when I closed my eyes, I re-examined his messages….

I got up at 6:00. I stretched my body making it feel relaxed. My bus comes at 7:00. “I have to get ready.” I thought.

After drinking a cup of hot, steamy coffee, I went to shower.
Even in the bus, I was lost in thoughts.  I was thinking of asking for the reply to my question from Varun.

I entered the classroom. I found Varun sitting in the middle row with Romy. He was laughing. “Look at him, here I am not in peace because of him and he is….”, I thought.
After having my lunch, I looked for him everywhere in the class. He was nowhere. I went for a round and then I found him all of a sudden in front of me, standing straight.
His face was expressionless. We gazed in each other’s eyes continuously. Silence prevailed in the corridor. A drop of sweat traveled through my face and cheek and simply dropped.

” You are sweating in such a cold weather!” Varun exclaimed breaking the ice. I got startled.

“Um..ya..I don’t know.. maybe…”

“Are you fine? I hope you are.”

“Yes I am perfectly fine”. Finally composing myself, I answered.
A broad smile came on his face.

“Oh! We got late. Ma’am is in the class.” I shouted.

“Don’t worry. I have a place to bunk this class.” He winked. I smiled.

We went to the library. Library was the only place where you were not questioned about anything. You just need to show your Library card and then you can get in.

“So, what should we read?” I asked.

“Umm.. I am not in a mood.. Let’s just…..”
( Again!!! His just… It left me wondering and perplexed.)

“Please continue..”, I said giving a small smile.

” It’s just that I don’t want to study.”

“Neither want me to”, I replied.

He kept silent. He understood what I wanted him to.

“Yes, I don’t want you too, neither I wanted yesterday because….”

He stopped.. ” I want to talk..”… ” To u..”…. “So I just said” he said.
(Finally he completed.)


” I just wanted to have more conversation with you… to develop a better friendship” he continued.

” That’s good “. “So, let’s know more” I winked.

He laughed. His laughter… I almost fell in love with his laughter at that moment.
I laughed too.

“I was so confused how to say this to you.. I thought you won’t understand”.

” So this is the reason why you didn’t reply yesterday..I see…” I laughed again.

“Well… I also wanted to talk to you”.

“Oh! So I was seriously worried for no real reason”, he laughed yet again heartily.

“How’s Palak?” I asked.

“She’s beautiful” he answered

” What…?”

“Oh. Shit. You asked about the other Palak. I thought you.”

“Yes, Palak Kapoor” I answered giving a shy smile.
(He said beautiful again!!)

“Oh.. she’s good”… “But why did you question about her?”

“I found you both to be close friends so I thought you might be knowing” I said.

“Hmm…” “Ya I understand”,  he said seeming thoughtful.

“What happened?”

“Nothing. Everyone thinks so..”

“Isn’t this true?”

“Kind of, it is..”

“What do you mean by that .. please elaborate” I said laughingly.

He kept silent.

“It’s 2:30. Our school is over. Let’s go!”

I wanted to know more about the friendship and closeness between them, but it was time and the bus would leave at 2:45.

“Ok” I said.

We left.

Perplexity of Palak was increasing as the time went by. So how do you guys think her confusion will get over? Let me know through your comments and messages. I hope you liked this chapter. Stay tuned for the next!

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Shreya · February 28, 2018 at 4:32 pm

Seems to me as if Varun has started feeling something for Palak Kaira

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