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Chapter 4- The Clash

As soon as I entered home, I heard my mom scolding Ravi, my younger brother. “Your phone, your laptop are the only things you are always concerned of…. You never take care of your belongings… Clothes are found everywhere except the cupboard……” Mum kept shouting. She heard me entering and yelled at me too, ” You too, keep your things at their respective places. I don’t want your books or your pens to be found scattered over the room..” she completed.

After having the savoring lunch mum had prepared, I went to my room for a short nap.
Something wasn’t right. It was my usual time of sleeping, yet I was not able to. Something isn’t clearly visible to my mind. I saw the closeness of the friendship between Palak Kapoor and Varun today, but why is this bothering me? My mind is asking questions to which it has no answers.

(I have started liking him. His friendship with Ms Kapoor is bothering me a lot. I want to be his only best friend or maybe more than that, but I don’t want to settle for less than that. My heart spoke)

Unknowingly or assuming so, I accepted what my heart said. My mind uttered yet another tone….. (It’s just a temporary infatuation)

This clash between mind and heart made me overthink. I started thinking and brought back the events of the day. He messaged suddenly. Why and what for a famous boy of school will message a not so popular girl. To add to it, he also invites his friends the other day. He fixes a schedule to meet every Saturday and makes sure that I am a part of his circle. Why so? Why I became his attention so suddenly?

Am I important to him? Or he just wants this not-so-popular girl to know about him thereby adding me to his already very long followers list?
A trail of questions back to back….

(Why do I like him? All of a sudden, why has he became my center of attention in just two days? What made me feel this? What is so intimidating about him? My heart came into play.)

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…!!” I almost yelled.

I came out from the string of questions playing in my mind and my heart, when my mum shouted once again, this time for me though. ” What has happened to you now? Why don’t you study if you can’t sleep?.” Just doing…”, I answered. I quietly sat up, reached out to the corner of the table just besides my bed to pick up the phone. A group titled Library Mates was created by Varun on Facebook.

I saw him online. My heart wanted to talk to him but my mind asked not to. Maybe, I am acting too fuzzy or it’s just the new friendship which is gripping my mind temporarily.
“Great!!” I exclaimed regarding the idea that came in my mind. “Hey everyone” my message in group read.

Ms Kapoor- “Hello guys”.

Romy-“What’s up with you both?”

Ms Kapoor- “Just coffee 🙂 You say?”

Romy- “Maths. Why are you silent Ms Kaira?”

“Oh sorry, just got a little busy somewhere”.. I texted. Yes, I was busy, this time a little happy too…….

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Riya Agarwal

Hi this is Riya Agarwal. I am an author and I write stories whose chapters are published when completed. Thanks for giving your valuable time. Stay tuned.❤


Soumya Somani · February 27, 2018 at 6:04 pm

Wonderful! Keep writing!

Shreya · February 28, 2018 at 4:29 pm

This has been going good so far.

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