Chapter 3- The Library

It was tiring enough to make my heart pound to climb up the stairs to the third floor to reach the library. “Finally”, I relaxed. Many students were there, some were busy reading novels, some stories or poems, some seemed more interested in encyclopedia and of course, there were 4 students seated in the corner of the library who gathered there to study ‘Probability’. Obviously, Varun was one of those four. He had a good and attractive physique and was famous in the whole school for singing Hollywood songs, the best. Every girl and boy from class 1st to 12th knew him, excluding me who came to know him yesterday itself! I never listened to English songs and also was never attracted to Taylor’s or Sia’s albums. I always wonder the reason why everyone is a big fan of them. I also recognized the other two boys, Bhavesh (the captain of yellow house) and Romy (the first rank holder of my class). Bhavesh had a muscular stature, a good height, perfectly making him look like a captain. His love for watches can be easily made out by looking at one on his wrist, which he keeps changing every week. I assume he has 5 to 10 watches, maybe even more. On the contrary, Romy had a slim body and an intelligent mind. He had a pair of goggles put on the shirt. He was more into encyclopedia than in fictions or such types of books.

I moved towards the table. “Hello everyone”, I said. “Heya again!” Varun said while giving out a small laugh. Bhavesh and Romy also greeted. I turned my gaze to a girl who was sitting besides Varun. Her hair were wavy, a little brown in colour, left open to reach a little below the shoulder line which made her face look attractive and composed. She was slim, near to the zero figure mark. She wore the school skirt but a little above the knees. Her legs seemed properly waxed and clean. She had an eyeliner and Kajal done on her eyes. Also, she wore a ring on the index finger. Overall she looked amazingly attractive.

I came out of my introspection when Varun started to explain the concept of Probability. We all were silent while he was explaining, when all of a sudden ‘that girl’s’ voice broke the ice. She came up with a doubt regarding the subject. “You always ask the same question Palak!” Varun exclaimed. The very familiar sound of my name made me shocked and extra attentive. “You need to work out on this problem by practicing it on a daily basis” he continued. ” Your name is…”, I was about to complete my sentence when Varun interrupted me. “Oh sorry ladies, I forgot to introduce you both. Her name is Palak Kapoor” he told me. “And she is Palak Kaira”, he continued introducing me to Palak Kapoor. “Oh so now as we know we have got two Palak here, then let’s call them by their surnames i.e., Ms Kapoor and Ms Kaira” Romy, the intelligent mind spoke. All agreed to his point and so we girls were named such.

I didn’t like the fact that there is another Palak in our circle. However, I didn’t want to be the odd one out and so I also agreed to the solution. “So, Ms Kapoor, I was saying that you need to practice this daily so that you don’t disturb me every time asking the same question repeatedly”, Varun said as he hit slightly on her head. Ms Kapoor winked. They both smiled. I felt ignored. “It’s 1:30” Bhavesh spoke… “our lunch time is over”, he continued. We all stood up, kept the books at the respective racks and came out of the library. “We should fix a special day and a time to meet here in the library every week to study any course subject” Varun said. “Yes, I think Friday will be the best, 5:00 pm when library remains almost vacant” Ms Kapoor said .”Is it okay with everyone?” Varun asked. “No, I have a weekly dance class every Friday at this time. Other days I remain free”, I said. “Okay, so Saturday can be the day, as all are free” Varun said, to which all of us agreed. So, the day, time, venue all were clear. Just my mind wasn’t……

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      I didn’t like it
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This is another good chapter. The story is quite intriguing.

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