Chapter 2- Meet Up

After getting done with my daily night studies, I went to sleep. Next morning, when I checked my messages, I found a message from Varun. It was a ‘Good morning’ message with better wishes for the day. This was little awkward as we were still not so close as friends. Anyway, I replied with a simple Good morning too rather than making it cheesy! I completed my morning chores, had my breakfast which mama had already prepared, took my lunch and headed to school. On my way to school, I saw a funeral passing by. How sad it feels to know that this person was a teenager! Trisha (my bestie) broke my thoughts of sadness and gloom by shouting all of a sudden. She declared that we all students in the bus are now going to play Damsharas (a game in which one person has to enact a film and the other team has to guess the film correctly). She has a natural attitude of being a little bossy but she never makes anyone bored! She is the actual humor of our company. And so I love her. Time flew while playing Damsharas and we reached school.

After the morning assembly,we went to our respective classes. Our first period was of English. Ms Ankita ma’am, our English teacher as well as our class teacher entered the class and took the attendance. Then she started teaching a poem of the famous poet Robert Frost. English is my favorite subject but I don’t know why,  I was not able to concentrate on the poem. I kept buzzing off and for a few minutes or so I even slept!! Trisha woke me up to my senses again. I was not able to get my mind off from Varun, his message in the morning and him too. (still unable to figure out the reason)
I was going towards the washroom to wash my hands when I coincidentally bumped into my new acquaintance, Varun! For 2 minutes I was just standing there numb.

“Hello” he said.

“Hey, what’s up?”I asked.

“Just going to the library” he replied.

“Ohh” I mumbled.

Surprisingly and even unexpectedly he asked if I would like to join him there. He and his friends, some of which were common between us, were assembling there to study Probability. I agreed as I was free (lunch it was) and also because I was weak at this topic.

“Just give me 5 minutes, you go I will reach there”.

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Alfie · February 27, 2018 at 5:44 pm

even I don’t believe in love and I consider emotions as something which can be explained by a simple mathematical equation but yeah waiting for next it seems kind of relatable

    Riya Agarwal · February 27, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    It feels good that I was able to make it relatable to you

Shreya · February 28, 2018 at 3:58 pm

Now this is a start of probably a long friendship, I suppose.

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