Chapter 11- The Man in Black

I stood there. It was too dark to figure out his face. He looked grave as much as I could make out of his expressions.

“Why are you… following me?” I asked summoning courage.

“I need to tell you something.” He spoke in an undertone.

“Umm… what and why?”

“You will suffer the consequences. You need to be careful boy.”

“What are you trying to say? I am unable to understand and we don’t know each other. Still you…”

“You probably don’t know me but I know you. Your future is worrisome. You will suffer the wrath of grief. I followed you just to warn you.”

“But what am I doing?”

“Stay away from her. That’s all what I needed to tell you. Now I should leave.” Saying, he turned and started to disappear in fog, his existence blurring in the dark.

“But… listen… clear this up… how can you say..”, I kept speaking but he never turned nor gave an ear to my voice.
I was shocked and puzzled at the same moment. I don’t know how to interpret what he said.

How does he know about my future and my presence with her? Is he a detective as his eyes depicted or is he a messenger? No no, I don’t believe in all this messenger kinda things. He might be someone keeping a spy on us and wanted probably to fool me out. Maybe he wanted something else, some different motive he might have. Maybe we are in danger or only Palak is?
Thousands of thoughts and unanswered questions kept springing up in my mind while I walked towards my home.

It was 11:00 pm. I looked at my wrist watch. Father surely be slept by now and would be snoring. Mom is unconscious still. I quietly opened the back door of my house, which opened directly into my room. Trying to make not even a single sound I peeped inside. The lights were switched off which was evident from my room’s glass panes over the door. I came inside and hurried towards my bed and soon I was inside the quilt.
It felt warm inside after being out for such long. My eyes felt achy and heavy. The incident of meeting that man and his warning kept hindering my sleep.

“I can’t sleep.” I sat up angry.

Why the hell did I stood there to listen to him? I should have run away straight. But, no. I ran a long distance and found him standing in front of me. Even if he would have followed me, he should have been behind and he was so calm and cool. He wasn’t breathing heavily when my heart pulse was racing. Is he really a messenger of the Supreme?
Unable to find a single answer, I lied down.


I set the alarm and went to bed. I felt relieved that mom didn’t catch us and I was able to convince her that I went upstairs to find some old book. Torch added up as an evidence.
I felt the moments of our make-out. A lot of love we made to each other just in a day. I wanted to relive those minutes once again.
Having such aroused thoughts in my mind, I soon fell asleep.

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