Chapter 10- Evidence

I was in his grip. He dragged me into balcony, treading backwards. I was lost in him, his face glowing with white light of torch, his eyes straight looking into mine. His back touched the banister of balcony. We stopped.
“You… How?”

“Yes. Me!”

“I got so scared, you know you would have informed me once at least.”

“Why should I be informing you when it was meant to be a surprise?”



“But why?”

He slightly swept off the strands of my hair from my face under my ear.

“Because, baby you asked me to prove my love for you.” He said smiling.

“Is this the proof?”

“Here it is”, saying he turned me around, sweeping off the hair on one of my shoulder side, and put on the locket onto my neck.
I looked on my neck to find a beautiful golden diamond locket. It had the first letter of my name in a heart shape.

“This is lovely! Thank you so much.”

“You are welcome my love.”

“When did you buy this? I mean it’s too late now and this doesn’t looks like a normal locket. It must be bought from an expensive store.”

“Time is not the concern when it’s you.”

“You came all way here just to give this? You would have given tomorrow and how did you come here?”

“Look there, down.”

He directed me down the banister where a long staircase was resting.

“This land is barren at the back side of our house, this might have troubled you and it’s so dangerous. Are you mad?”

“I am mad for you.”

“I love you”

He took me close in his arms gently embracing my skin, my hair. He kissed on my forehead and then on my cheeks. He came down. He caught me by his lips kissing passionately. It turned me on. I opened the buttons of his shirt letting my fingers embody his physique while he kept kissing. He was perspiring and it felt good to my fingers. He lifted me up high in his arms and moved to the bedroom. He made me lay down and came upon me. I was lying in the middle of the bed. He caught hold of me by clutching hands with mine. He lovingly kissed every bit of my face while unbuttoning my  already loose white shirt.
He went down on me kissing my navel, my waist and abdominal region and gently moving his lips upwards.
I was breathing heavily. I was nervous. This was the first time I was so close and intimate with a man. I loved the feeling and the closeness, but I was scared.
I stood up sitting straight perspiring heavily. I kissed his lips so fiercely that it started bleeding. I drank his blood too. He kissed my neck region holding me by my naked waist. He came down near my cleavage.
He kissed there lovingly. He was starting to strip me down when..
“Where are you Palak?” Came the voice of my mom.
I got frightened and stood up quickly buttoning up my shirt and settling up my hair.

“You look really sexy in this shirt”

I blushed and pushed him away.

“Coming Mom”
I was about to go when he pulled me back not letting me leave.

“Let me go, mom can come.”

He softly smooched my lips.

“You were amazing tonight.”

“It all just happened suddenly…” I said blushing and looking away.

“You look steamy when naked.”
I rescued myself from his hold and quickly ran down the stairs.


I saw her running down the stairs. I hoped she doesn’t fall in hurry. I buttoned up myself feeling the essence of her fingers on my body, still not able to get over her.
I went to the balcony and then down the stairs. It was dark and foggy outside. I looked around and finding nobody, I walked briskly towards the street.
Hardly had I reached the street when I bashed into a man. Long black coat he wore with his brown boots. He had gleamy blue eyes like those of detectives. I got frightened and almost ran away. I paused after a long run, to find that man standing just in front of me.

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Himanshu · April 24, 2018 at 3:21 pm

That feeling was Amazing, when we are very close to someone ! And when we are love each other

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