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a walk by the nene

A Walk By The Nene

As she walked along the river Nene watching the Sun set behind the trees rendered leafless by the frosty air, the lifeless branches of which yearning for the Spring to come. She stopped by to watch the ducks wading in the serene river. The chirping of  the birds filled the vast sky as they return to their nests. It feels like years she took these kinds of aimless walks enjoying the serendipity and solace of nature. The coldness of winter winds gave her a little shiver making her fingers numb and her nose a little red as she put her hands in the pocket of her robe. She suddenly felt nostalgic, taking a walk back in time; the time of her careless childhood winter days.

Winter in those day used to be a little longer starting from early December till the end of February. The running nose of children announced the change of the season. Quilts were dragged out from the old trunks and laid out in courtyard to dry in sun. The best memory of winter were those sitting around fireplace drinking hot Harira (dry fruit milk) and listening to stories and poem from her grandparents diary. Laden with scarfs, muffler, socks, gloves from top to bottom, she recalls how she and her siblings used to play truant to evade bathing in the chilly season. Sitting in the sun for hours in aangan (courtyard) or chhath (terrace) reading comic and story books used to be her favorite past-time. Winter was all about the different delicacies her mother used to prepare. The breakfast varied from hot Aloo ka parantha, makki ki roti and saag, mooli paratha, peetha with green chutney, to her favourite nihari and tandoori roti. All the ladies of the house used to sit together preparing the different varieties of Laddu ; combining sugar, dry fruits and loads of ghee into the mixture and molding them into small rounds using their palm. When no one was watching,  she would sneak into the kitchen filling her hands and pocket with her favorite besan ke ladoo and eat them in solitude.

She was lost deep in her thoughts until she felt a little rumbling in her stomach. The thought of all these luscious delicacies had made her little hungry. The sun had already set in and darkness was growing. It was time for her to return from the blissful childhood memories until next time she walks on a similar road.

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tabish helal · March 2, 2018 at 8:01 pm

Wow, it reminds me of my childhood days

Gargi Sidana

Gargi Sidana · March 19, 2018 at 10:51 pm

It’s lovely memories of childhood.

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